8 Ways To Help Your Child Enjoy The Dentist!

Have you been to the Kid’s Only section of our site yet? (It’s okay parents, you can break the rules a little.) There, you’ll find 8 ways to help your child enjoy the dentist – in the form of games!

Why Are Kids Scared of the Dentist?


There are many reasons why some children would rather avoid the dentist.

Some kids are scared. The idea of a stranger working on their mouth with unfamiliar tools can be frightening for them.

Then, there are children that think their dental appointment is a chore. It’s something they have to do rather than something they get to do. Kids can be very reward-driven and with no reward (that they can see), they might not be very interested.

How Can You Help Your Child Enjoy The Dentist?

Dental Games for Kids to Help Your Child Enjoy the Dentist

I think the best way to help your child enjoy the dentist is to teach them about dental care in a fun way. That’s why I created a “Top Secret” section on my website that is just for kids! There, you can find 8 activities to get your child excited about their dentist’s appointment!

Kids Have Fun at DentistThey can color in their own dental office in the Happy Teeth game, which will get them excited to visit the real office.

There are fun puzzles to complete, too!

If your child is old enough to learn more about oral health, they can take the Dental Connection Quiz. You can walk them through the questions so they will be more informed about why they need to take care of their teeth and visit the dentist.

Prep your child for their appointment in a fun way! Stop the fear before it starts by using fun and informative games!

If you have any questions, give us a call! We can make sure your child is more comfortable with the idea of a visit as well as during their actual time here.

~Dr. Chai (a.k.a. Dr. Tooth!)

Dr. Tooth


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