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Mouthguards in Bradford: Use Them or Lose ‘Em (Your Teeth We Mean)

Mouthguards are designed to protect your teeth from damage. This damage can be caused by impact during a recreational activity or sport or from clenching and grinding the teeth. In other words, these oral appliances don’t just protect your mouth […]

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Preparing for Your Graduation Smile Starts Now

Graduation from high school or college is a huge milestone in a young person’s life, and the ceremony and celebration are something they’ll remember and cherish for years to come. One way that people remember graduation is with grad photos, […]

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End of Year Dental Benefits: Use It or Lose It

When you agreed to work for your current employer, there’s a good chance that more than the salary had to do with your decision. There were probably other factors—including work culture, health and dental benefits, and vacation time—that you considered […]

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Did You Know People Pay For Dental Insurance Every Year… Then NEVER Use IT!!!

Most dental plans have benefits that expire at the end of each year.  NOW IS YOUR CHANCE to use your remaining insurance dental benefits before December 31st.

SPECIAL OFFERCall Bradford Family Dentistry now to make an appointment and get an EXTRA […]

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Back To School Deserves A Healthy Smile

Dr. Jesse Chai and the Award Winning Dental Office at Bradford Family Dentistry are sending children back to school with healthy teeth and gums. Call now to schedule a complete screening, cleaning and checkup. What better way to start your kids […]

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Same Day Dental Crowns Will Astound You

Same day dental crowns are now available in Bradford!
In the past, dental procedures were looked forward to with dread. This was often because procedures required numerous appointments. This was especially true in the case of getting dental crowns. In most […]

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Looking for the Best Dentist in Newmarket? It’s Worth the Short Drive to Bradford.

Looking for the best dentist in Newmarket area for your family’s needs isn’t always easy.  But every family relies on a handful of professional service providers.
Whether it’s your family doctor, a trusted mechanic, reliable plumber, or dentist, these people are […]

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Dentists In Bradford

There’s a large number of Dentists in Bradford, Ontario.  Some have been around for a long time and others have popped up recently.  Few Dentists in Bradford have been around for as long as Bradford Family Dentistry, and even less […]

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Top 10 Questions Teens Have Before Getting Braces

So, your dentist says you need braces. It’s probably not the best news you’ve received because the idea of getting braces may conjure up some painful and awkward images. But the reality of braces is actually much different than what […]

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The Smile Stories

We’re beginning a new tradition here at Bradford Family Dentistry: the “Smile Story.” These Smile Stories are narrative videos that follow a patient’s “before and after” journey through a (generally) cosmetic treatment.
Linda’s Smile Story
This particular Smile Story, one of our […]

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