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Dr. Jesse Chai is the head Dentist at Bradford Family Dentistry, which he took over in 2001, as the second oldest dental clinic in Bradford. With over 10 other members of his staff, Dr Chai offers all forms of dentistry in his clinic including cosmetic, general, orthodontics, dentures, and various other services such as sleep apnea, tmj and full-mouth restoration.

Should Amalgam Fillings Be Removed?

There are millions of people who have amalgam fillings. Recently, there has been concern raised about the mercury used in those fillings – to the point that many feel they should have them removed immediately.    
What is Amalgam?
Amalgam is an […]

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Amazing Teeth of Animals

Our teeth are important to good oral health for many reasons. They are vital for chewing our food, retaining bone for facial structure, and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. But humans are not the only ones with teeth. The animal […]

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Stone Age Dentistry

Scientists originally thought that dentistry didn’t develop until after agriculture became common and high carbohydrate grains and similar foods led to a rapid increase in cavities. But evidence indicates that Neolithic humans were competent dentists—at least to the extent that […]

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Sinus Pain Related to Oral Health?

Sniffling, stuffiness, frequent headaches—sound familiar? Sinus infections plague about 12% of adults. You may find it surprising to discover that about 20% of those sinus infections can be directly related to your oral health—especially your molars and premolars. How Is […]

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The Evolution of the Dental Chair

From humble beginnings to modern ergonomic chairs, changes to dental chairs benefit both the patient and the doctor. Here is a brief look at the significant changes the dental chair has undergone over the last 300 years. The First Dental […]

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True Stories of Teeth and Consequence

Every dentist has his or her share of funny and weird stories about teeth.  A number of tooth stories involve prisoners and not-so-successful crooks. • A Swedish newspaper reported that in 2013 an inmate broke out of prison because of […]

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Are Oral Health Issues Genetic?

Yes, your genes can play a large role in your overall oral health. How strong your teeth are, whether they are crooked or straight, the potential to develop gum disease, and even the ease with which you get cavities can […]

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Soothing Dental Anxiety

It is estimated that as many as 7-10% of people do not go to the dentist because they are afraid.  Dentophobia is the fear of going to the dentist, and it is a very real thing. Fortunately for the health […]

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8 Ways Crowns Restore Health and Beauty

At some point, it may be recommended that some of your teeth be restored using a dental “crown.” A dental crown encases the entire tooth and is custom-made for each of your teeth. Crowns are made to appear like your […]

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The Amazing Bacteria Fighting 3D Tooth

According to the World Health Organization, over 26 percent of adults have untreated tooth decay, which is linked to many other health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and more. Based on what researchers in the Netherlands have done with […]

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