9 Famous Celebrities Who Wore Braces

Teeth play a huge role in how we are perceived externally. While beauty should be sought within, there is a strong inclination in modern society to judge from without. This causes many people with missing or crooked teeth to feel self-conscious and insecure about smiling. Fortunately, dental advancements like Invisalign® have made it possible to straighten and close gaps in our teeth. In fact, there are many celebrity braces stories out there, which prove that even our favourite movie stars and musicians once needed a little help in the smile department.

To help our clients feel more secure about their smiles, we at Bradford Family Dentistry have created a list of some famous celebrities who wore braces. Here they are!

Tom Cruise

Believe it or not, leading man Tom Cruise did not always have his winning smile. In fact, Tom’s teeth were severely crooked and discoloured when he began his acting career in 1981. In the 1983 film, The Outsiders, his misaligned teeth are prominently featured. However, by 1983’s Risky Business, his smile was looking larger and whiter.

Over the years Tom underwent several procedures, including his famous 2002 display of celebrity braces. Following his split from wife Nicole Kidman, Cruise proudly sported ceramic braces on the red carpet, proving to everyone that braces can be cool.

Emma Watsonwoman smiling

Famous for her role in the Harry Potter franchise, Emma Watson decided to take the plunge and straighten her teeth when it became clear that she would be remaining in the spotlight. Her smile, although not severely crooked, was something that caused her some insecurities, and straightening her teeth gave her the Hollywood red carpet smile many actresses strive for. You can see a photo of Emma with braces, as well as after they were removed, on the Orthodontics Australia webpage. Emma went on to have many new and exciting roles, including the lead in Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast.

Niall Horan

One Direction became an overnight success in 2010, as the leading boy band from Europe. Niall Horan, a founding member, was 17 at the time the band launched, and while his singing was top notch, his teeth left him feeling apprehensive about smiling for all those fan photos. The following year in 2011 Niall got braces and was happy to Tweet his experience for curious fans.

When the braces came off 2 years later, he was thrilled with the results and has not stopped smiling since.

Kendall Jennerwoman pointing to straight teeth

A television star, model, and makeup entrepreneur, Kendall Jenner from Keeping Up with the Kardashians did not always have a straight smile. The American beauty had braces in her early teens around the age of 13, and again at 17.

While we are sure her success can be chalked up to more than just braces, straightening her smile certainly suited her. In 2018, Forbes Magazine called her “The Highest Paid Model of 2018” with an income of $22.5 million.

Justin Bieber

The bad-boy Canadian pop icon Justin Bieber took the internet by storm when his YouTube videos proved he was a talented vocalist. Taken under the wing of hip-hop artist Usher, Bieber soon climbed his way to fame as a recording artist. During his youthful years of the notorious “Bieber hair flip” Justin got braces to straighten his teeth and enhance his smile. He chose Invisalign®, which allowed him to continue singing and smiling with no sign of metal or elastics on his teeth. You can still find videos of Justin showing off his Invisalign® aligner on YouTube.

Gwen Stefani

The headliner for 90s alternative band No Doubt, Gwen Stefani has always been beautiful. However, the singer did not always have the hundred-watt smile she sports today. Stefani has had several interviews where she has admitted that braces were always something she wanted to try. In 1999, Stefani proved that you could get braces at any age, when at age 30, she opted to see an orthodontist and took the plunge.

Serena Williams

It is not only singers, actors, and models who opt for braces. Tennis superstar Serena Williams also sported braces growing up. The winner of 23 Grand Slam titles got ceramic braces when she was younger, and turned to Invisalign® at age 16 to continue the straightening process. Her sister Venus also wore braces for a time.

Zac Efronman holding Invisalign braces

Zac caught his big break alongside Vanessa Hudgens in the debut of High School Musical. After 3 Disney feature films and several musical tours, Efron spread his wings and ventured into high profile films, such as The Greatest Showman and Baywatch. While his teeth are straight and white now, Efron used to have a pronounced gap between his two front teeth. He chose to wear Invisalign® braces to close the gap and straighten his smile during his High School Musical years.

The Royals

Even royals are not always born with perfect teeth. Prince Harry, who recently made waves with his announcement of a move to Canada, wore traditional braces when he was younger to straighten his smile. His brother William’s wife Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, also chose to straighten her smile, although not to the same extreme. The now-married mother of 3 wore Invisalign® braces for 6 months to perfect her smile before her wedding to Prince William.  Looking at these two royals now, you would never know they ever had a tooth out of place.

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