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A Guide To Invisalign® & ClearCorrect®

White straight teeth have staked a claim in the world of beauty and aesthetics. However, did you know that having straight teeth is more beneficial than simply for looks alone? The way your teeth align

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Live Long and Prosper With Dental Implants

Are you Missing Teeth?  Are you Unhappy with your Smile?  Do you have Bleeding gums? If you want to Live Long and Prosper, then you owe it to yourself to read this important message inside about how

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Top 10 Questions Teens Have Before Getting Braces

So, your dentist says you need braces. It’s probably not the best news you’ve received because the idea of getting braces may conjure up some painful and awkward images. But the reality of braces is

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Graduating Soon? Get the Smile You Want, Fast!

If your teeth aren’t as straight as you would like them to be, you may find yourself tight-lipped for your prom pictures and graduation. However, did you know there are a few options that can help

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Dental Implants in Bradford – Everything You Need to Know

What are dental implants, how can you benefit from them, and where can you get dental implants in Bradford?  Losing an adult tooth is never an ideal situation. Whether you play a contact sport like hockey,

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Bradford Braces Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to: ‘Bradford Braces – Everything You Need to Know’.  This concise guide will help you understand braces and teeth alignment technologies and treatments available to you. Braces, in

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Nitrous Oxide—Is It Safe?

Nitrous oxide has been used in dentistry ever since its discovery in the early 1800s by a British scientist who found that inhaling nitrous gas produced a euphoric and highly pleasurable sensation. It

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The Smile Stories

We’re beginning a new tradition here at Bradford Family Dentistry: the “Smile Story.” These Smile Stories are narrative videos that follow a patient’s “before and after” journey through a (generally)

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Sleep Apnea

You may well be asking “What on earth has sleep apnea got to do with dentistry”?  And “what is sleep apnea”?  Well, sleep apnea is when you stop breathing for very short times during sleep and

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