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Bradford Braces Everything You Need to Know

Welcome to: ‘Bradford Braces – Everything You Need to Know’.  This concise guide will help you understand braces and teeth alignment technologies and treatments available to you. Braces, in

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Kids: To Sedate or Not to Sedate? Part 3

In the last two articles we touched on the difficulties of treating an uncooperative child and what we can do to help make your child’s experience more pleasurable and enjoyable. Today we’ll continue

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Kids: To Sedate or Not to Sedate? Part 1

As a Parent and as a Dentist I see all types of kids. Fortunately most of the kids I see are very cooperative and enjoy their experience at the dentist. Many kids come through our office and get the care

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Our Office is Moving Next Year (But Not Very Far)

We have big news this month, Bradford Family Dentistry has finally secured a new home. Don’t worry, we’re not moving far at all. We are taking over the main floor of our current building and

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New Needle-Free Injection Technique

We are proud to bring you the Injex technique for those who hate traditional injections. Most of my patients tell me my needles are very gentle and are often surprised how little they hurt. However, it’s

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A Remarkable Patient’s Journey

For the month of May 2013, I embarked upon a journey to Cambodia with Global Youth Volunteer Network. This was my second trip with this wonderful organization which works to mobilize Canadian youth to

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An Exclusive Offer Just For You!

To say THANK YOU for being a Bradford Family Dentistry Patient I want to offer you an exclusive discount… SAVE $100 on your next Crown. Yes, you read that correctly, $100 off your next Crown! We

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Impact a Child’s Life With the Gift of Literacy

Take part in the Bradford Family Dentistry’s Book Drive. We are accepting NEW and USED children books. Clean out your shelves, attics and basements and help us provide children in our community with

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Bradford Family Dentistry Wins the Reader’s Choice Award!

What an amazing few weeks this has been. Fresh off our Community Development Award from the Bradford Board of Trade, we were informed that we were also named the Reader’s Choice for best Dentist

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