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Kids: To Sedate or Not to Sedate? Part 3

In the last two articles we touched on the difficulties of treating an uncooperative child and what we can do to help make your child’s experience more pleasurable and enjoyable. Today we’ll continue

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Kids: To Sedate or Not to Sedate? Part 1

As a Parent and as a Dentist I see all types of kids. Fortunately most of the kids I see are very cooperative and enjoy their experience at the dentist. Many kids come through our office and get the care

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New Needle-Free Injection Technique

We are proud to bring you the Injex technique for those who hate traditional injections. Most of my patients tell me my needles are very gentle and are often surprised how little they hurt. However, it’s

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Do You Want Straighter Teeth, But Don‘t Want to Wait?

There is a Solution- FAST BRACES! What I really love about my profession is that everything we do is constantly evolving. Procedures are getting faster and more predictable. I remember when I graduated

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Dental Expert Dr. Jesse Chai Hits Amazon Best-Seller List

Dr. Jesse Chai recently hit nine separate best-seller lists with “Healthy Input” book. Orlando, Fla.– January 21, 2013– Dr. Jesse Chai has joined a select group of the America’s leading

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General Dentistry

General Dentistry is the medical industry concerned with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and abnormalities involving the teeth, gums, and jaw structure. While abnormalities

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