Teeth Grinding & the Anterior Deprogrammer

Experiencing regular headaches and unable to pinpoint the cause? Teeth grinding could be your problem.

If fact, so common is this nighttime phenomenon that 70 percent of people are said to grind their teeth, at some point in their lives, during the night.

Bradford Family Dentistry anterior deprogrammer

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Numbers are on the rise. In a recent New York Times article, When Stress Takes a Toll on Your Teeth, Dr. Robert Rawdin says he has seen 20-25 percent more patients that are experiencing teeth grinding symptoms, than in years passed.

With stress being an all-too familiar part of our lives, it’s no wonder this issue is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Teeth Grinding Symptoms

  • worn and chipped teeth
  • flat front teeth — or fractured or loose
  • potholes in back molars
  • gums stripped away
  • headaches
  • sore or tired jaw when you wake up (from clenching)

Common Causes

  • stress–including emotional, mental, or physical stress
  • abnormal alignment of upper and lower teeth
  • breathing disorder(s), such as sleep apnea
  • pain anywhere in the body

Cure: The Anterior Deprogrammer

While there is no cure to teeth grinding per se, there are effective ways to lessen the symptoms and effects. A simple appliance, like the anterior deprogrammer pictured above, will fix the negative teeth grinding effects for 70 percent of sufferers.

The anterior programmer reduces teeth grinding and its symptoms by separating the teeth and thereby relaxing the jaw muscles.

Perhaps the most natural way to reduce teeth grinding is to reduce stress. Anxiety prior to going to bed can come out subconsciously during sleep. Being proactive about stress management prior to bed could be in your best interest for multiple reasons.

Sleep at Ease

Experience a better night’s sleep and greater oral health.

If you have any suspicious that you or a loved one might be a teeth grinding sufferer, make an appointment with Bradford Family Dentistry today. We are here to help!

~Dr. Chai (a.k.a. Dr. Tooth!)

Dr. Tooth


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