True Stories of Teeth and Consequence

Every dentist has his or her share of funny and weird stories about teeth.  A number of tooth stories involve prisoners and not-so-successful crooks.

• A Swedish newspaper reported that in 2013 an inmate broke out of prison because of a toothache.  He had complained for days to officials, but they ignored him, so he broke out of jail and visited the dentist. When the dentist was through with the procedure, the prisoner turned himself back in. He was due to be released the next day anyway, so just added an extra day to his sentence.

• In Argentina, several masked men burglarized a house and robbed a man of jewelry and cash. One of the robbers lost his false teeth, and in the rush to escape, left them behind. A few days later, the man who was robbed noticed his nephew was missing his teeth. The dentures were analyzed and it was determined they belonged to the nephew. Case solved by dentures.

• A similar situation happened in Poland. A man stole a stereo from a car, but in the process dropped his false teeth. Using dental records, the police were able to track the thief down. He claimed his teeth had been stolen and he hadn’t been anywhere near the theft. The police arrested him, because as the police spokesman told the press, “We knew he was lying through his dentures.”

The stories may be humorous, but taking care of your teeth is serious business. Schedule your routine visits to keep your smile beautiful and healthy.


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