3rd Annual Dentistry From The Heart – Thank You

What a great turn out this year! Our first patients lined up at 3:00am for our third annual Dentistry from the heart event. It was a tremendous success! We exceeded even our own expectations by helping 107 patients and donating a whopping $28,842 worth of free dental care to the community. That brings our three-year totals to 232 people helped and just over $60,000 of free dental care donated at our Dentistry from the heart event!

Thank you to all our volunteers that really worked hard to make this event run so smooth and allowing us to help more people than ever before. Also thank you to all our patients, local businesses and newspapers that helped spread the word about our event and helped it be the successful day it was!

Thank you to all our volunteers for all of their hard work:
Alyssa L, Damira S, Jessica H, Antonella V, Dr.Chai, Jen S, Patti B, Rosanne B, Cheryl S, Jen D, Sarah N., Krista B, Jen S, Suada L and Doreen J.

Thank you all so much!


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