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General Dentistry

We have proudly served the community of Bradford for more than 35 years. And we want to help you and your family also ...

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Cosmetic Dentistry

The beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of having is closer than you think. We can help your dream come true in as little as one visit ...

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Orthodontics & Braces

Our orthodontic treatments focuses on straightening the teeth to obtain a healthy smile and restore self confidence ...

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Special Care Services

We are pleased to offer our guests special dental services including sedation, sleep apnea and TMJ treatment. We can help ...

Magical Smiles News & Blog

Should Amalgam Fillings Be Removed?

There are millions of people who have amalgam fillings. Recently, there has been concern raised about the mercury used in those fillings – to the point that many feel they should have them removed immediately.    
What is Amalgam?
Amalgam is an […]

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Amazing Teeth of Animals

Our teeth are important to good oral health for many reasons. They are vital for chewing our food, retaining bone for facial structure, and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. But humans are not the only ones with teeth. The animal […]

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Stone Age Dentistry

Scientists originally thought that dentistry didn’t develop until after agriculture became common and high carbohydrate grains and similar foods led to a rapid increase in cavities. But evidence indicates that Neolithic humans were competent dentists—at least to the extent that […]

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