Teeth Whitening

Beautiful White Teeth In As Little As One Treatment

To properly explain Teeth Whitening treatment, it is necessary to know about teeth discoloration. This can be caused by food and drink, tobacco use, poor dental hygiene, disease, medications, dental materials, advancing age, genetics, environment and trauma. The teeth will turn a yellowish or brownish color or darken and when this happens, the smile becomes something that people do not want to show.

Some examples of foods that can stain your teeth are coffee, tea, colas, wines, apples and potatoes. Head and neck radiation and chemotherapy can also cause tooth discoloration along with the antibiotics tetracycline and doxycycline and some oral mouth washes may contain ingredients that cause staining. All of these treatments and mouth washes are necessary for dental health, so don’t be surprised if the teeth whitening treatment is required.

A dentist must first be consulted before deciding on teeth whitening as the dentist will know what treatments, if any, must be done first and will take care of these before deciding which method if best. Remember that regular dental checkups and teeth cleaning at least twice a year are still necessary even after the procedure has been done.

Teeth whitening has immediate results, it is safe and effective and very convenient. The process can whiten the teeth about eight shades, on average, in just over one hour. It is also simple and painless to have done.

The whitening system has a tooth whitener, a bleaching light and bleaching materials and many other disposable and singe patient use items. It is hydrogen peroxide based and comes is two packages, one of which has a 32% hydrogen peroxide gel and the other package has an activator. These packages are not mixed together until it is time to use them.

The bleaching light used in the Zoom Whitening process has a violet color and is used to activate the tooth whitener. The bleaching light can light up, at the same time, all of the teeth (top and bottom) that are being treated. It produces some heat but not enough to make a person uncomfortable. Teeth Whitening is done in three (3) parts in about ninety (90) minutes. There will be three applications of the bleach and the activator. These applications will take about twenty (20) minutes each.

There are also pre and post treatment preparations and activities in the whitening process. The pre-treatment involves isolating your lips and gums before the whitening gel is applied and the post treatment is a five (5) minute fluoride treatment. The teeth will continue to whiten for a few days after the procedure.

There are three teeth whitening procedures that can be used. These are The Zoom, The Zoom2 and The Zoom Advanced Power Plus. The dentist will determine which procedure is the best one for the teeth.

With the whitening procedure, there is a take home whitening system that is done after the treatment. It uses teeth trays with some whitener in it. The dentist will teach you how to do the home treatment properly.

The ZOOM treatment must be done by a dentist in order to ensure that it is completed properly.  He/she will also ensure that you have the proper equipment and instructions to complete the process at home.  To achieve maximum results, you must follow the dentist’s instruction.

Before long you will notice that, due to the whitening system, your teeth are much whiter than before. You will also want to smile more to show off your ‘new’ teeth.

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