The In-Home Gum Health Solution

Perio Protect is a new method that treats gum disease, gingivitis or periodontitis using an FDA-approved device to deliver prescribed medications to a source of infection. It is comfortable and easy to use and has reliable and proven clinical results. The system is a home care treatment that patients will be very comfortable with and is used for periodontal disease.

Periodontal disease is a recurring bacterial infection around one tooth or around a series of teeth. There is a higher occurrence among women and smokers and those who have difficulty with oral hygiene. Perio Protect can help all of these people to protect themselves from dental surgery or more extensive and expensive dental procedures.

Some signs of periodontal disease which may lead you to want to use the system are chronic infections, plaque buildup, tartar buildup, swollen and bleeding gums or bad breath (Gingivitis).

The system is a set of custom fabricated Perio Protect Trays that deliver medications prescribed specifically for the patient to the exact area of the infection to control the bacteria that is causing it. As healing occurs, the patient alters the use and duration of the trays.

This method of delivering medications allows the medications to be delivered to the exact source of the infection. It also aids in reducing bacteria, decreasing inflammation and promoting healing. Perio Protect also may help to reduce bad breath, it may have bleaching agents that whiten the teeth and may reduce the need for surgery.

The system is great for those who have a fear of needles or those who have a fear of dental visits by eliminating the use of needles and cutting down on the number of dental visits needed. The dentist must be a licensed Perio Protect partner in order to obtain the trays.

The Perio method begins by taking precise impressions of the teeth, both top and bottom, and the patient is made very comfortable during this process. These impressions are then sent to a dental lab where custom made trays are prepared just for you. When prepared, the medicated trays fit snugly to the teeth and are easy to use.

This process will take approximately two weeks. Once returned, you will visit the dentist and he will instruct you on their use and answer any questions you may have. You, yourself, will then insert the Perio Protect Trays on your teeth and let your dentist know how they feel.

The trays, top and bottom, hold a dentist prescribed solution of medication which will be delivered in a controlled dosage each time you wear them. You must wear the appliance for the time prescribed by your dentist and follow the protocol each day.

Through this Perio Protect method, medication is delivered to the right areas, in the right amount and at the right time. You then follow the dentist’s instructions on how and when to reduce the time you wear the trays. Response to the treatment is rapid because the method is painless and simple to follow and the medications help control the bacteria that causes the infection.

Some of the benefits of the Perio Protect system are that they may replace painful and expensive surgery, they help reduce bacteria and as they do, bad breath is eliminated. As the gums heal, there is an improvement in sensitivity and tenderness, bleeding and swelling stops and there is a pleasant taste.

The use of the Perio trays may also reduce your fear of dental visits and allow you to relax more due to the fact that you are not receiving any needles and are still receiving the dental care that you need.

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