Broken & Chipped Teeth

Modern Fixes For Broken And Chipped Teeth

Broken and chipped teeth can as embarrassing as they are painful. Following is some information on how to tell if you have a broken tooth. These symptoms can range from subtle to serious so don’t ignore any of them.

Broken, chipped and cracked teeth can result from a variety of causes with some of them being:

  • Unpopped kernels of popcorn
  • Rough sports
  • Chewing on ice or hard candy
  • Eating nuts
  • Biting down on forks & other utensils
  • Using your teeth as a prying tool
  • Accidents or trauma to the face

Teeth are very strong but they are not indestructible and the above are only some ways that you can damage them. Another less obvious cause is cavities that will weaken your teeth and then can lead to a broken one.

Following is some information on how to tell if you have a broken tooth. An accident or some other trauma will probably show up as a loose piece of tooth in your mouth which is often followed by sharp pain.  This pain is caused from the nerve being exposed to air, saliva or hot/cold food or drinks.

Other symptoms of broken teeth can be very subtle such as minor fractures or cracks that don’t always hurt but if they do, it can be extremely hard to find out which tooth is hurting. These can also be symptoms of chipped teeth which sometimes can be seen but sometimes are not seen just by looking at your teeth and they may not even be seen with an X-ray so following is a list of symptoms to watch for:

  • Sensitivity to extreme temperatures
  • Sensitivity to sour or sticky food
  • Mouth pain while chewing
  • Sudden shooting pain
  • Irritation on tongue or cheek due to a rough or sharp-edged tooth

And sometimes it will take a variety of clinical aids, including X-rays, surface bite devices or cold water applications to find the broken tooth.

If you have a chipped tooth in the front of your mouth, you will probably want to have it repaired not only for health reasons but for cosmetic reasons also. So following are some ways to treat chippedteeth and some ways to treat broken teeth and our dentists will know what way is best for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions for Broken and Chipped Teeth:

Bonding is an inexpensive way to repair cracked or chipped teeth and this may be functionally and cosmetically repaired with a composite white filling. The composite resin is bonded to the tooth to fill the chip or crack and to protect the surrounding tooth structure. But for more severe cases of cracks or chips, dental veneers may be the more appropriate way to go.

Dental Veneers are made of tooth-like ceramic material in a custom designed shell that is applied over the surface of a tooth to cover chips or cracks. The dental veneers are in the cosmetic dentistry category as they not only cover the chip or crack, they also create a better smile, align the teeth and look very natural.

Crowns come in three main types of materials:

Gold which is most tooth conservative and lasts a long time but it is not very aesthetic

Gold/porcelain hybrid – more tooth reduction is required but it mixes a balance between the strength of the gold and the natural look of porcelain

Porcelain – provides a natural look

Porcelain/Ceramic (Inlays/Onlays) dental crowns are used to protect a cracked tooth, or to repair a broken one. They consist of a very hard piece of ceramic which is done as a custom fit for the tooth.

Dental Implants – in the case of a broken tooth that cannot be repaired (ie split to the root), it will need to be removed and replaced by a dental implant or bridge. It is important to fill in the space of a lost tooth in order to prevent the adjacent teeth from moving into that area over time, and causing mis-alignment.

chippedcracked or broken tooth is an urgent situation as you could experience extreme pain or discomfort at any time – book an appointment immediately (bring whats left of the tooth in moist guaze if you still have it, and be sure to avoid hot or cold liquids until you see the dentist: 1-877-283-0497.

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