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7 Benefits Of Clear Aligners

If you want to mend crowded or crooked teeth, but do not want to wear wires and braces, you might find clear aligners more appealing. These appliances are comfortable and offer a more discreet method for

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The Latest Technology In Dental Care: 7 Innovations We Are Using

Generally, in today’s modern world, the technology used in most industries is highly dynamic because it is always changing and evolving. Ideally, even in the dentistry field, there are many technological

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Financing Dental Care With PayBright

PayBright:  Financing should never be a hindrance to getting an appointment at our dental clinic. Like other ailments, one day you can feel fine, and the next day your tooth hurts, making a dental visit

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DENTAL BENEFITS 2020: There’s Still Time To Use Them!

Dental Benefits – did you know they expire on December 31st every year if you don’t use them? Have you used yours up yet for 2020? If not, there’s still time, but you need to hurry… don’t leave

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7 Reasons To Fix Your Crooked Teeth

Do you keep looking into the mirror, pleased with all your facial features until you smile, then remember you have crooked teeth? We cannot underestimate the kind of impact misaligned teeth have on our

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What Are Dental Sealants: 7 Important Questions Answered

Dental sealants can be the solution you’re looking for if you are prone to cavities and tooth decay. Read on to find out if sealants are right for you… Cavities & Tooth Decay – A Chronic Disease? Yes,

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Cavities Are Caused By Infectious Bacteria

Cavities, simply, are openings through the protective structure of teeth caused by infectious bacteria. The protective outer surface of the tooth is enamel. Other protective areas of tooth structure are

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Personal Dental Care – It’s Never Too Late

If you are guilty of poor personal dental care in the early years of your life (by not brushing regularly, by smoking a lot of cigarettes, drinking a lot of caffeine, etc.) you might now find yourself

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Vaping And Your Oral Health

Although you probably know smoking is bad for your health, many people seem to ignore the fact that e-cigarettes are just as harmful. Both “vaping” and smoking increase risk for health issues, including

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