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Finding the ‘best family dentistry near me’ is essential to enjoying healthy teeth and gums for life. However, it can be hard to know what family dental clinic offers the best of the best in family dental care. Here we explain why Bradford Family Dentistry is the Bradford clinic to trust, and how our personalized treatment plans help you maintain a healthy, bright smile. 

A Bradford Dentist Focused On Prevention

We believe Bradford dentistry must focus on prevention to maintain healthy teeth and gums for both parents and children.

Preventative Bradford Dental Care For Kids

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Preventative care starts at the earliest age possible to ensure your children enjoy lifelong dental health. We assist parents in setting an example for their children through excellent dental hygiene and regular preventative care with our dentists in Bradford, Ontario. Early care ensures your children protect both sets of teeth, starting with their primary teeth and monitoring the appearance of their permanent teeth.

By introducing your child to dental care as soon as the appearance of their first tooth, our preventative dental hygiene and child-friendly Bradford dental care team makes it easy for your family to enjoy healthy teeth and gums. Our mission is to provide personalized dental care while monitoring oral health for kids to spot problems in the early stages. This ensures we provide suitable treatment to avoid dental issues such as crooked teeth, problems related to overuse of pacifiers or habits like thumb-sucking, and helps determine when orthodontic treatment or wisdom teeth extraction is required.

Preventative Bradford Dental Care For Adults


For parents and adults, we provide ongoing regular dental checkups, professional cleanings, cosmetic dental solutions, and preventative strategies to avoid costly treatments. Through regular checkups, we can spot early signs of gum disease to help prevent inflammation, tooth loss and bone damage.

We monitor your teeth to ensure you are practicing effective dental hygiene at home and offer recommendations to improve your brushing and flossing methods. We address common issues such as sensitive teeth and bleeding gums, and check tooth enamel to look for signs of wear so we can provide enamel re-building treatments. 

Family Dental Clinic Near Me Focused On Continuous Education


As your dentist in Bradford, Ontario we provide ongoing education to help keep your family up on the latest dental treatments and hygiene products to maintain optimum oral health. Our hygienists look for opportunities to share these tips and techniques with you at your regular dental cleanings, and our dentists remain up to date on the latest dental advancements to provide leading-edge treatments. 

Family Orthodontic Clinic Near Me For Braces


At Bradford Family Dentistry we offer orthodontic treatments without the need to refer your kids (or yourself!) to an orthodontist. The latest in Invisalign clear aligner braces treatments, FASTBRACES® for a beautiful smile in months, and jaw-related orthodontic treatments to help reduce pain and wear and tear on teeth, are all managed under the care of our wonderful dentists.

Our orthodontic treatments include:

  • FASTBRACES®: This comprehensive orthodontic treatment works like traditional braces but can deliver results in about 100 days. You or your kids can straighten teeth quickly using breakthrough technology that cuts out the two-step process of traditional braces.
  • Invisalign Clear Aligners: These invisible braces are made of clear acrylic moulded to the exact shape and size of your teeth. The aligners gently guide your teeth into proper alignment without the need for metal wires, brackets, elastics, and retainers. There are also no adjustments needed at our office, as you replace the aligners every two weeks as treatment progresses.
  • Orthodontics and Braces: Orthodontics and braces at Bradford Family Dentistry address several issues, including improved aesthetics, alignment, breathing, bite, and jaw function. 

Family Dentist Services Near Me That Make Dental Care Fun


Although you might be thinking this is impossible, we have taken the time to design our dental clinic in Bradford to reduce stress and create a welcoming environment where patients of all ages feel comfortable. Little details include soothing interiors, the latest in electronics with TVs in every room, and fun statues and images of popular characters patients will recognize, from Star Wars to Game of Thrones.

Most importantly, our team of dental professionals knows the importance of a smile and that a touch of humour helps put kids at ease. From the initial “chair ride” for tiny tots, to video games while waiting for appointments, and kid-friendly TV programs, we can actually make kids look forward to their dental visits! And for kids who still experience dental anxiety, we can adapt their appointments to reduce fear and create an environment where they feel safe. 

Family Dentist Clinic Near Me Rave Reviews

best family dentistry near me - family-dentist-clinic-near-me-rave-reviews

Here’s what our happy patients are saying about our dental clinic:

Michelle M

It was my kids’ first time going to the dentist. They were fantastic with my children. My kids didn’t shed a tear. They asked when we were going back. Great dentist, great staff, great atmosphere. I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking for a dentist for themselves or their children.

Tanya S

I took my daughter in for her 6 months checkup and cleaning today. I didn’t get the girl’s name that did it, but she was very friendly, gentle, and quick, as all the staff are. I’ve had a few dentists in my lifetime, and Dr. Chai and his staff are by far, the best!!

Donato L

Who likes going to the Dentist?? I DO! I’m always happy to see everyone at Bradford Family Dentistry. Whether it be for my kids’ appts or even my own, I love seeing all the pictures and statues that have been collected over the years… It’s not about which celebrity the Dr. knows… it’s more like which celebrity knows the Dr.?!?! A Friendly staff always makes me feel special and I’m always leaving with a SMILE… LITERALLY!!!

Tímea K

Thank you for your patience! My son had an excellent first-time dental experience! Amazing friendly staff!

Best Family Dentistry Near Me – Bradford Family Dentistry!

So, there you have it. Why waste time searching for ‘family dentist services near me’ when you can simply call Bradford Family Dentistry today at 905-775-5307, or click here to request an appointment! See you soon in our clinic!


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