9 Cosmetic Dentistry Myths Debunked

Most people don’t know too much about cosmetic dentistry. That is, treatments and procedures meant to improve the look of your teeth or your smile. Some people hear the word “cosmetic” and think that these treatments are superficial or don’t matter. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Our smiles greatly impact how we feel about ourselves, and play a meaningful role in our self-image. Those who are unsatisfied with their teeth know that the quality of their smile can be essential for their quality of life. Don’t let myths about cosmetic dentistry stop you from improving your feelings about yourself, how people treat you, and more. Here are 9 cosmetic dentistry myths debunked.

Cosmetic Dentistry Myths

Myth #1: Cosmetic Dentistry Is Just Teeth Whitening


While teeth whitening is indeed a big part of cosmetic dentistry, it is far from the only service that you can get. In fact, teeth whitening treatments are not even the only solution for stained teeth—veneers are another good option. Cosmetic dentistry is about much more than changing the colour of your teeth. We can also fix chipped or cracked teeth, fix gaps between teeth, contour teeth to make them a more appealing shape, straighten teeth, move teeth to a more appealing layout, and more.

Essentially, any issue with your teeth that does not cause functional problems but causes you embarrassment or unhappiness can be addressed with cosmetic dentistry.

Myth #2: Cosmetic Dentistry Is For “Bad” Teeth


Some people wonder if their teeth are “bad enough” for cosmetic dentistry. The truth is, no functional teeth are “bad”—instead, they create bad feelings or bad results. Let your own feelings be the guide about whether you should invest in cosmetic dentistry and not a comparison with someone else who you think has a worse smile. If you’re unhappy with your teeth, that is reason enough to look into cosmetic dentistry. The good news is that if your problem is relatively minor, it may take less time or cost to resolve the issue.

Myth #3: My Insurance Won’t Cover Cosmetic Dentistry


If you think that your insurance will not cover the dental treatments you want, you could be wrong. The line between function and form is not always clear when it comes to teeth. Many seemingly “cosmetic” issues like yellowed teeth were actually caused by damage, and fixing it can be considered restorative by your insurance company. You may be surprised at the depth of coverage you have for cosmetic treatments. Ultimately, you won’t know until you look at your policy, but it is worthwhile to investigate.

Myth #4: Cosmetic Dentistry Is Always Expensive


Even if you don’t have coverage from your insurance company, you may be able to afford cosmetic dentistry treatments on your own. New types of braces, new whitening treatments and other technological advances have made cosmetic dentistry options more affordable than ever. Many dental offices also offer payment plans for their services.

Myth #5: My Teeth Can’t Be Kept Straight


Many people who had braces as a child watched their teeth move afterwards. Sometimes this is the result of your dentist not thoroughly explaining to ‘young you’ that you need to do certain things to keep your teeth in place, or ‘young you’ not fully understanding the importance of doing those things. Bones move, both after dental work and as we grow. You can use fixed retainers and clear stents to keep your teeth straight, and you won’t even notice them. Plus, if you have already had braces, odds are your teeth need minimal straightening now as an adult.

Myth #6: Teeth Straightening Is Painful And Inconvenient


Our strategies and technologies for straightening crooked teeth or fixing other issues with misalignment have come a long way. Orthodontic treatments today are much faster and less painful than previous methods. They also take less time and involve fewer visits to the office. Most adults will need only six months in order to completely fix the look of their teeth. It also should only be mildly uncomfortable. The most you may need to do is take a bit of pain medication at times when there is the most pressure on your teeth.

Myth #7: Your Smile Will Look Like A Cookie-Cutter


Few people like the idea of looking the exact same as everyone else. Your smile is personal, and it expresses your feelings. When you look at photos of yourself, you want to see your idea of who you are and what you look like. Dentists can help. Instead of suggesting that you alter your smile to look “perfect,” we embrace that there is no standard of perfect, and want to help you get a smile that you like. The specific shape and size of your teeth will always be unique to you, and your smile will always stand out.

Myth #8: Cosmetic Dentistry Sacrifices The Health Of Your Teeth


One of the most important reasons to go to a dentist for all cosmetic procedures, including teeth whitening, is that a dentist has treatment options that will not sacrifice the health of your teeth for good looks. Instead, many of the professional cosmetic dental options you can get can actually help to protect your teeth and their health for the long term.

Myth #9: Cosmetic Dentistry Won’t Work For Me


Whatever issue you have with your teeth, we have seen it before. Dentists have a very wide range of treatment options so that we can find the right one for you. From veneers and caps to different whitening and straightening techniques, you can find the right solution for you here.

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