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Going to the Dentist for many people can feel like a scary event, but at Bradford Family Dentistry we believe every visit can be a good one. Our clinic has been custom designed to reduce anxiety, be warm and welcoming for all, and provide you and your family with all the dental services you need.
Dental Bonding Treatment

Dental bonding is a modern technique that can be used by dentists for many situations. Unlike traditional fillings that strictly fill a cavity...

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges like many other fixed dental apparatus are used to replace missing teeth, and are cemented or bonded in place. Dental Implants are always the first choice...

Dental Implants

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and felt like they were staring at your shifting dentures? Or, have you been out to lunch and found it difficult to...

Porcelain Tooth Crowns in One Hour

The purpose of Dental Crowns is to protect the tooth from breakage due to a heavily repaired tooth. A tooth with a large surface area of dental bonding repair...

Teeth Whitening

To properly explain Teeth Whitening treatment, it is necessary to know about teeth discoloration. This can be caused by food and drink, tobacco use, poor...

Teeth Veneers

You are having an important dinner party and for the past three days you’ve been planning the perfect menu, cooking as if a food critic is peering over your shoulder...

We are conveniently located one block west of Highway 11 near the Old Bradford Library.



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