Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Regaining Your Life By Repairing Your Dental Structure

The field of full-mouth bite reconstruction is more exciting than ever due to modern advancements. The patient has more options and the dentist has more techniques than ever before to give the patient the best possible result. Today, the actual shape of the face can be altered by correcting an improper bite.

Bite reconstruction is a term used to describe the procedures that result in the teeth fitting together better. Usually more than one procedure is involved. The dentist will consider the position and health of all of the teeth when treating the patient. Full-mouth reconstruction can not only help with a better aligned bite but can also improve health and appearance.

A number of factors can contribute to a poor bite.

  • Physical trauma from injuries and accidents, and failure to treat these anomalies.
  • Congenital defects such as an over bite or under bite, misshapen jawbone
  • Missing teeth, untreated extractions leading to improper alignment
  • Developmental issues that influence proper growth of teeth
  • Poor brushing and rinsing habits resulting in loss or decay of teeth.
  • Delay in seeking treatment for cavities resulting in loss of teeth.
  • Aging itself can become a significant factor. Teeth, crowns and the amalgam fillings deteriorate with time.

Both young and old patients can experience symptoms of painful TMJ, migraines, head and neck pain, and ringing of the ears. These symptoms can be caused by a poor TMJ function related to a misaligned bite.

An improper bite can also result in poor mastication, (ability to chew properly), which can lead to poor digestion and low energy levels. Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is another related problem of a poor bite and this can lead to even further stress on the teeth. Bite reconstruction addresses and solves these issues.

With bite reconstruction the patient can realize many benefits.
The patient will enjoy easier and more efficient chewing with less stress on the TMJ joint. This will result in less discomfort in the joint and relief from related headaches. A healthier appearance will give the patient higher confidence and more willingness to smile. Bite reconstruction actually improves the proportions of the face, resulting in fewer wrinkles. Dental health is a marker for overall health. Oral reconstruction remedies the dental issues that can lead to reduced overall health.

Occlusal analysis is the process used to determine the alignment of the bite. The patient should always expect this analysis after dental procedures such as: new dentures, crowns, fixed bridges, porcelain veneers, and routine bridgework.

During Bite Reconstruction your dentist may utilize one or more techniques. 

  • The structure of individual teeth can be altered through the use of veneers. These veneers not only enhance the appearance of the tooth but they also improve the structure and functionality of the tooth. Each tooth is considered and restructured, if necessary, for optimum alignment.
  • Fillings and root canals repair the original tooth.
  • For congenital defects, and developmental growth issues, the dentist may employ: early orthodontics, prosthodontics, or surgery.
  • To treat physical trauma, bite reconstruction may involve the replacement or repair of damaged teeth and/or surgery.
  • Education is an important tool when the patient is unaware of proper oral hygiene, or disregarding cavities.
  • Extracted teeth can be replaced with implants or treated with bridges, partials or dentures.
  • Incomplete or unsuccessful prior procedures can be remedied.
  • Restorations can be repaired. Fillings and crowns can be replaced. Amalgam fillings can be replaced with porcelain onlays and inlays.
  • For treatment of the natural aging of teeth: implants, crowns, bridgework, fixed bridges, dentures, fixed dentures and partials can be utilized.

Untreated problems may escalate to become larger problems. Enjoy your optimum dental health by considering bite reconstruction. Call us to book a consultation appointment at 1-877-283-0497.

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