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Using Saliva to Diagnose Disease

Saliva is very important for good oral health. It keeps mouth tissue moist, it aids in digestion, and it helps wash away harmful bacteria from our teeth. Now organizations, such as the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, are […]

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Creating a Habit of Brushing Your Teeth

Not everyone grows up with the habit of brushing teeth regularly.  A recent study in England showed that one in four adults surveyed didn’t brush twice a day, and one in ten admitted they often regularly forgot to brush their […]

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Motivating Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Like going to bed on time, or eating vegetables, brushing teeth is something that many children will resist. Good dental health is too important to let this slide. Here are some methods to help motivate your child to brush: Show […]

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Foods That Whiten Teeth Naturally

You may know that certain food and drink, such as coffee, tea, sugary snacks, and dark berries, can cause staining of the teeth. Avoiding these stain causers is only half the battle. While not as effective as the whitening procedures […]

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Summertime Is the Perfect Time to See the Dentist

We all need regular visits to the dentist to maintain optimal oral health – as well as to lower the risk for other diseases, such as heart disease and strokes – by catching problems early. Summer is one of the […]

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Aging and Dental Health Risks

The World Health Organization predicts that by 2050 adults over 80 years of age will make up nearly 20% of the world’s population, and all healthcare – including oral healthcare – will be challenged to meet the needs.  How is […]

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What Causes Dry Mouth?

In addition to keeping the mouth moist, saliva aids in swallowing and removal of food from the teeth, food digestion, and speaking. Most of us go about our lives never giving a thought to the saliva in our mouth—until something […]

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All Teeth Are Not Alike

We expect to see the teeth of our friends and loved ones when they smile. But think of how very different and unfamiliar their smiles would look if the molars were situated in front instead of the more refined and […]

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Notches and Bumps On Teeth

Why Do My Child’s Front Teeth Have Bumpy Edges?

If you don’t remember when your own permanent teeth came in, you may be surprised to see the bumpy edges that are present on your child’s newly erupted permanent teeth. What are […]

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How to Keep Your Smile Beautiful All Summer Long

Whether you will spend your summer at home or vacation away, here are a few things to do that will help your smile stay its lovely best.

Maintain sufficient saliva flow by drinking plenty of water on hot days. Chewing […]

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