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Molecule May Help Your Teeth to Fight Cavities

Caries, the scientific name for dental decay, is from the Latin for “rottenness.” A 2015 study determined that 2.3 billion people in the world have caries in their permanent teeth. Researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham have come […]

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Dental X-Rays Can Identify Vitamin D Deficiency

Anthropologists had previously determined that human teeth hold vital information about Vitamin D deficiency, but the teeth must be cut open to read the Vitamin D records. Researchers Lori D’Ortenzio and Megan Brickley, looking for ways to preserve ancient specimens, […]

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How to Care for Your Mouth During the Flu and Cold Season

Winter is approaching – which means flu and cold season is here. Did you know that if you maintain good oral health you can reduce the chance of getting a cold or the flu? But, if you do get the […]

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Confusing Facial Pain

Typically tooth-related pain is easily diagnosed and treated. Sometimes, though, the cause of facial pain can be difficult to pinpoint. The pain can be dull, intense, short-lived or chronic, on one side of your face or both. Jaw and mouth […]

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How to Have a Healthy Jaw and Why You Should Care

With all the talk about teeth we sometimes overlook the importance of the jawbones that support them. You may have noticed someone whose face and cheeks have a ‘sunken’ appearance. This occurs when too many teeth are missing and there […]

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About Vampires… and Happy Halloween!

What do pointy teeth, garlic, and a wooden stake have in common? They are all paraphernalia associated with the vampires of legend. Where did this legend originate and why the pointy teeth?
Vampire Legends Go Waaay Back
Stories about beings who […]

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An Ounce of Prevention Might Save Your Life

Our mothers always told us to brush our teeth and floss but did we always follow through? Probably not. As adults we also may not be as dedicated to caring for our teeth and gums as we should be. Now […]

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Trick or Treat – Dental Tips for Halloween

It’s no surprise that Halloween presents challenges to oral health and healthy diets. It’s nearly impossible to avoid candy around Halloween. The trick is to have a plan for how your kids can have their treats.
• Trick or […]

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Discolored Teeth Can Tell Many Tales

Today a bright, sparkling smile with white teeth and pink gums is a symbol of good health and beauty. Stained or discolored teeth and gums are cause for alarm and a trip to your dentist. However unpleasant they may be, […]

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How Lucille Ball Heard Spies Through Her Dental Fillings

In 1974 Lucille Ball told TV host Dick Cavett that during World War II she picked up radio broadcasts through her dental fillings as she was driving home from the MGM studios through Coldwater Canyon. The phenomena subsided as she […]

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