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3 Ways Dental Screenings Could Save Your Life

You know that good dental hygiene and regular dentist visits are important for your oral health, but did you know that your overall health can also be impacted by what’s happening in your mouth?

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What Awesome Advice Did Josh Brolin Share With Dr. Chai?

If you are like me and a fan of the Avengers movies, you could not wait to watch Avengers Endgame to see how the remaining Avengers were going to undo the snap that wiped out half the universe and

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How Brides Can Smile Big for Their Wedding

You’re planning the big day. You will be the star of the show, and all eyes will be on you. The dress will fit perfectly, the flower girls will be gorgeous, and you will float down the aisle to

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Fear of Dental Pain is Real, but Our Patients Have Something to Share With You

Many of us have anxiety about dental visits, and much of it feels justified. The older you are, the more likely you are to experience fear and anxiety because you know what a visit to the dentist

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May The Fourth Be With You And Your Smile

It’s that time of the year again to celebrate one of my favourite passions in life, Star wars! I grew up with Star Wars and loved the movies and playing with the toys, and I love that I get

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What Is A Root Canal?

You know the term and you’ve heard rumours about the horror related to a root canal. However, what is a root canal, what actually causes someone to need one, and how does a root canal procedure

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Life Lessons From Captain America’s Chris Evans

What Profound Life-Changing Words of Advice did Captain America’s Chris Evans Share with Dr.Chai? If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe like myself, you probably agree that Chris

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Voted The Best Dentist In Bradford 2019

Thank you Bradford for voting us the Best Dentist in Bradford for the 7th Consecutive Year! Dr. Jess Chai and the Bradford Family Dentistry Team would like to sincerely thank each and every patient

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The Cost of Not Getting Braces

Most people when considering braces are concerned about the cost of the braces, which is perfectly normal. But fewer people consider what the cost of not getting braces is? What are the social,

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