Innisfil Dentist

Let’s face it, nobody gets excited about a checkup to your local Innisfil dentist -especially young kids. However it’s essential to practice good dental hygiene, and dental care is a necessity to your family’s overall health as well as dental health.

Since an appointment at the dentist can be a scary experience for young children, we have created an atmosphere that is both calming and fun for kids. They’ll be surrounded by friendly, caring staff who will offer you all the information you need to keep their teeth looking great!

Bradford Family Dentistry is a family dental clinic in Bradford that offers the latest technology in dentistry, including digital x-ray machines that give off only a small fraction of the radiation that traditional x-ray machines do that are still found in many dental clinics. So you’ll have the assurance that your family is in a safe environment and in good hands.

Your family will love Bradford Family Dentistry, including your kids! They’ll look forward to coming back the next time because they had such a good experience the first time!

Take a moment to explore our website. All of the procedures you may experience are explained in detail, including, videos, images and charts. There’s a great deal of helpful information and its being added to continually. Bookmark the site to go back and learn more.

Click, call or come in for a free no-obligation consultation and see what our dental clinic just south of Innisfil has to offer, for your family’s health. We would love to meet you, and all your little ones!

We all need to make the effort to make our teeth last an entire lifetime, and your dentist needs to be a part of that plan. Your children need the training and care of a dental clinic that will offer them the specialized support and guidance they need to develop the right habits to keep their teeth healthy and prevent oral diseases throughout their adult lives.

Our staff will work with you and your children to help maintain their baby teeth until they come out, and as their adult teeth come in, offering useful tips to ensuring they develop good nutrition habits, chewing techniques, and offer suggestions to prevent diseased teeth & gums.

To book a consultation with an Innifil area dentist please fill out our Appointment Request Form or call our clinic now at: 1-877-283-0497.