7 Reasons To Fix Your Crooked Teeth

Do you keep looking into the mirror, pleased with all your facial features until you smile, then remember you have crooked teeth? We cannot underestimate the kind of impact misaligned teeth have on our confidence and smile. You’ve maybe been considering restoring your smile thanks to the vast cosmetic dental procedures that are available, such as braces and Invisalign®. However, you haven’t proceeded with your plans, perhaps because you feel there are no advantages to investing in fixing your misaligned teeth, apart from improving your appearance. Beyond the cosmetic benefits of overcoming crooked teeth, we will discuss several health reasons why you should schedule that appointment with an orthodontic practitioner.

1. Improves Your AppearanceImproves Appearance - 7 Reasons to Fix Crooked Teeth - Bradford Dentist

This is undeniably the most apparent benefit you will reap from fixing misaligned teeth. Misaligned teeth may lower your self-esteem and confidence, especially in public. It’s harder to keep your social life alive with reduced confidence and self-esteem. Straightening crooked teeth helps restore your healthy and attractive smile, making you feel more confident. Improved appearance has also been known to enhance opportunities in certain careers, such as sales, where you deal with people on a regular basis.

2. Cleaning Teeth Becomes Easier

Misaligned teeth are hard to clean, even during professional dental cleaning sessions. They create hidden pockets that dental floss and toothbrush bristles cannot reach. With the long-term build-up of plaque and tartar within these hard-to-reach hidden pockets, dental issues such as cavities and gum disease may arise. However, with straightened teeth it’s easier to floss and brush. With no hidden pockets, your floss and toothbrush bristles reach between teeth to remove all food debris. Dealing with straight teeth keeps the periodontal diseases and infections at bay.

3. Puts A Stop To Head, Jaw, And Neck PainTMJ Pain - 7 Reasons to Fix Crooked Teeth - Bradford Family Dentist

Misaligned and overcrowded teeth are notorious for putting stress on your joints, jawbone, and gums. In some cases, patients complain of chronic pain in the face, neck and even the head, caused by teeth and jaw misalignment. Treatment for crooked teeth aligns your bite to relieve these associated headaches, neck pain, and jaw pain. Straight teeth allow for smooth temporomandibular joint movement without burdening them with unnecessary stress. You’ll begin to notice it’s easier to chew with straight teeth, without pain.

4. Enhances Your Overall Well-Being And Health

According to multiple studies, there’s a direct link between tooth root infections and coronary artery diseases. Other studies suggest severe periodontitis increases patients’ risk of contracting lung cancer. As discussed above, misaligned teeth have been greatly linked to dental problems such as gum disease and cavities. In turn, these problems may be a threat to your overall health. Treatment for crooked teeth ideally helps you live longer and healthier.

5. Prevents Premature Tooth WearPremature Tooth Wear - 7 Reasons to Fix Crooked Teeth - Bradford Dentist

Crowded and misaligned teeth force some teeth to bulge out above the rest and rub roughly against other teeth on the adjacent jaw. Along with inefficient chewing, this constant rough friction causes the tooth enamel to wear out faster than usual. Severely worn-out enamel increases the chances of chipped, broken, and fractured teeth, creating the perfect entry point for bacteria to facilitate dental cavities. Straight teeth preserve the integrity of your tooth enamel, reducing your chances of suffering from tooth breakage and fractures.

6. Clearer And Improved Speech

Like missing teeth, misaligned teeth can affect your quality of speech. Your teeth and their positioning play a vital role in your speech. Experts recommend employing orthodontic treatments such as braces and Invisalign® to straighten teeth and improve your speech patterns.

7. Reduces Instances Of Cracks, Chips, And BreaksBroken Teeth - 7 Reasons to Fix Crooked Teeth - Bradford Family Dentistry

Teeth that are out of proper alignment are likely to break or chip if you are involved in an accident or fall. As discussed earlier, misaligned teeth gradually weaken due to difficulty maintaining good dental hygiene. This makes it easier for them to break or crack. You are also vulnerable to biting your tongue and cheeks with misaligned teeth, causing painful sores. Treatment rectifies the misalignment in teeth, offering greater protection to your overall oral space.

Bradford Family Dentist brings you a wide variety of treatment options for crooked teeth. Depending on the severity of the misalignment and your preferences, your dental professional might recommend braces, Invisalign®, retainers, or veneers to correct them.

There you have it! Knowing the benefits of overcoming crooked teeth should help you get off the fence and decide to fix your teeth for once and for all. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!


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