8 Ways Crowns Restore Health and Beauty

At some point, it may be recommended that some of your teeth be restored using a dental “crown.” A dental crown encases the entire tooth and is custom-made for each of your teeth. Crowns are made to appear like your natural teeth, from shape and size to matching their color. Achieving a natural appearance, proper chewing function, and comfort requires a high degree of skill and a time. The result provides a healthier and sometimes more aesthetically pleasing smile. Here’s how:

4 Ways Crowns Restore Health to Your Mouth
*Because the remaining tooth structure is weak, replacing very large fillings with a crown protects your tooth from cracking and requiring further restorative procedures.
*Placing a crown over teeth that have had a root canal is often done to protect the tooth from possible fracture from the pressure of chewing.
*Your tooth may already have fractures inside which are stressed from the pressure of chewing. A crown may be able to redistribute the pressure and prevent further damage to the tooth.
*Covering broken or worn cusps on your teeth with a crown may prevent further fracturing.

4 Ways Crowns Restore Beauty to Your Mouth
*Crowns can improve the appearance of your smile by providing a more pleasing shape and color to your teeth.
*Teeth that have suffered severe wear due to bruxism can be restored to a natural, more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
*Crowns provide a means to repair teeth damaged by severe decay or trauma to provide a natural, beautiful smile.
*Spaces and gaps between your teeth can be closed with skillfully designed crowns.

The many advantages of crown restorations, together with advances in the process of preparing and completing crowns, make this procedure a favorite of patients and dentists alike.


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