Aurora Dentist

If you’re looking for a dentist in the Aurora, Ontario area, save precious time and eliminating running around by choosing a one-stop dental office which does most treatments under one roof (such as same day crowns and Invisalign); with before and after work & school appointments.

Whether it’s simply a cleaning or smile makeover with cosmetic dentistry, we can help you have the smile you’ve always wanted. Bring the whole family! We can simultaneously book each member of your family for their various treatments with each of our friendly staff members.

Have kids who play sports? Your children’s teeth are precious and essentially irreplaceable. A fall, tackle or especially a direct hit to the mouth could easily damage their smile. A properly fitted mouth guard is just as important piece of equipment, as any other piece used in the game.

Want to improve your smile? Crooked teeth bothering you? Braces no longer have to be 4 years of torture; with new dental technology many smiles can be straightened in a little as 6 months or so, with a daily or nightly removable appliance. A multitude of options are now available now, including veneers; in just a few appointments chipped, damaged, and discoloured teeth can be transformed into a big beautiful Hollywood smile.

Can a bad smile threaten your career? Sometimes sporting a set of stained, oversized (too long), too short or crooked or especially missing teeth may be impeding your climb up the corporate ladder. If your teeth are in a bad state, you may be sending the subconscious message to others that you may not care enough about your professional presence to change how you smile. We all know this shouldn’t be true, but we all know first impressions and those thereafter go a long way in enhancing business success.

Due to major advancements in dentistry even some un-proportioned faces can now be modified without extensive surgery, called facial development – by new dental appliances (worn at night only) called Homeoblock™ that can gradually enhance cheek bones, provide better facial symmetry, create a wider smile, straighter teeth, and even has often been known to have anti-aging results!

Although excellent results have been found by young and old alike with Homeoblock™ longevity of treatment is key as noted by … Dr. Donald H. Enlow, Chairman of the Orthodontic department at Case Western University in Cleveland Ohio, who says:  “A capacity for facial remodeling in adults is retained throughout life.”

Relief from migraines, head neck and jaw pain are also included in the theme of modern technological advancements in dentistry, which is also available in our office.

Your overall health is important to us, including your dental health. Our Aurora area dentists are now accepting new patients – call us for a consultation for every member of the family at 1-877-283-0497

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