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New COVID Dental Safety Procedures

Now that Bradford Family Dentistry is fully open again following COVID19, we have implemented a new set of COVID Dental Safety Procedures to keep you, your family, and our team safe and healthy. This video

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Reopening Announcement – Bradford Dentist Open

WE’RE FULLY OPEN! We’re BACK – the welcome mat is out, and our doors are open. I know, it’s clearly been a challenging time for all of us. Although we never fully closed as we have been

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A Video Update From Dr. Chai – COVID – April 7 2020

Here’s a transcript from the video in case you’d rather read it than watch it: Hi everyone. Dr. Jesse chai here, your friendly neighborhood dentist from Bradford family dentistry with a special

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40 Fun Family Activities To Prevent Cabin Fever

Feeling A Little Stir Crazy At Home?  These Family Activities Will Help!   Not everyone enjoys staying home for long periods, but there isn’t much choice in emergencies when you’re asked

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A Family Guide To Keeping Your Sanity During A Pandemic – Infographic

So you find yourself and your family stuck at home during a pandemic.  This is new territory for everyone and it’s going to take some adjusting and extra effort on everyone’s part to not only

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Staying Sane While Working from Home With Kids

Working from home can be convenient but it comes with challenges of its own. Having a quiet space to work in where you don’t get distracted and can set a routine to focus on your goals can be very tough.

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