bond head dentist

When you think of a Bond Head area dentist, we often think cleaning, filling cavities, whitening, perhaps braces, bridges or crowns, but what about relieving headaches, neck aches, jaw aches or even reducing snoring… yes, you read right!

Dr Jesse Chai and his team have a plethora of options to choose from, all under one roof, its one stop dental shopping for the whole family, no matter the treatment. This technically advanced office uses the most current procedures, equipment and techniques to ensure the most comfortable even relaxing dental experience possible; enjoy watching a movie while we do the work.

Why run around to each specialist, when you can haul everyone in at once – have cleaning and checkup appointments for the kids, a whitening appointment for yourself, perhaps a snoring consultation for your spouse! If further treatment is needed, feel free to follow the same method, have a filling for Janey, while in the next rooms, Invisalign or 6 month smiles appointment for Jr to remedy an overbite, and so on.

Snoring? With a few minutes and some air-flow evaluating diagnostic equipment (all while you’re awake) we can determine if a specialized mouth appliance which simply fits over your teeth (worn at night) will work for you.  Regenerating sleep at night is important for the body’s repair system, and essential not just for yourself but any spouse or loved one that is being kept awake as well, due to snoring. Don’t wake up grumpy, call for a complimentary consultation.

Experiencing headaches? We have many testimonials of many who have experienced relief. More than just teeth grinding – we have non-invasive equipment which tests muscle imbalances and excess activity, in the head and neck area, as well as lots of treatment options such as Energex – which is similar to ultrasound technology which reduces inflammation and pain rapidly in a matter of minutes (non invasive as well), just to name a few.

Your overall health, not just dental health is important to us. We use digital x-rays which have significantly less radiation (up to approx 70% less) than traditional film x-rays, for example. We’re always on the lookout for the latest tested technology to ensure the best and most comfortable treatment options are available for you. Just as we’ve seen in technology in general, dentistry too has experienced significant advancements; such as single visit on-site crowns made using 3D rendering software which is sent to a sculpting “printer” (with robotic arms) and makes a tooth out of porcelain!

Our full service (modernized) office is equipped to handle everything as routine as a checkup and cleaning… all the way to more involved processes such as full mouth reconstruction.

So free up your time by making all your family’s dental appointments at once, just down the street at Bradford Family Dentistry 1-877-283-0497.