Bradford Braces Everything You Need to Know

Bradford BracesWelcome to: ‘Bradford Braces – Everything You Need to Know’.  This concise guide will help you understand braces and teeth alignment technologies and treatments available to you.

Braces, in general, are not a new idea. For decades, we have used them to straighten crooked teeth, improving the overall look and health of your mouth, gums, and teeth.

Bradford Braces CleopatraSome historians even believe that braces go as far back as Cleopatra, and in the centuries that followed, we’re able to see the progression of technology to what we call braces today.

If you think you may need braces or if a dentist has recommended them to you, it’s a good idea to learn everything you can about them before committing to the treatment.

Here’s a comprehensive guide for getting braces in Bradford:

What Are Braces?

Braces are mechanical devices used to align and straighten your teeth with respect to your natural bite. Braces are also used in an effort to improve dental health. Today there are a variety of braces and technologies to choose from to fit your lifestyle.

A dentist, like Dr. Jesse Chai, who has been specifically trained to fit you for braces will need you to keep regular appointments to perform maintenance and adjustments throughout your treatment.

Why You Need Braces

The reason to get braces is not necessarily for a better-looking smile, although this is the most common reason. They are used to correct a number of dental hygiene matters as well. For example, if you have crooked teeth it may make brushing and flossing a real challenge.

Straighter teeth would alleviate the need to spend extra time in the bathroom. Braces are also used to correct a misaligned bite such as an overbite or underbite. In other cases, correcting misaligned teeth will lead to fewer headaches, jaw-aches, and even backaches.

Getting braces can save you a lot of pain and suffering down the road and give you a dazzling smile that will help you be the best you!

When Should You Get Braces

It’s a good idea to have your child come see us as soon as a problem is evident. After your child’s permanent teeth have grown in, the orientation of teeth will provide clues as to if and when braces are needed. If you are unsure, most children will begin to show signs they may need braces at around the age of 7, and we can watch for early signs of issues and discuss an appropriate treatment plan.

How Do Braces Work?

Here at Bradford Family Dentistry we study each and every tooth in the mouth and create a mapping of what movement each tooth will require. For traditional braces, brackets are placed on each tooth with special dental adhesive to hold the bracket in place. Each bracket has been specially designed according to the plan.

From here, the archwire is then fed through the brackets and held in place with a unique elastic tie (you can customize your look by choosing different colour elastics). Once everything is in place, a schedule is then followed for return visits so adjustments can be made for each tooth to align for the correct bite.

Once treatment is completed and the braces come off, a device called a retainer is used to ensure that the teeth remain in their new positions.

Three Options for Braces in Bradford

Today, patients have three main choices when it comes to getting braces. They include:

Traditional Braces

These are the braces that are most common and recognized. They are made up of brackets, wires, and elastic ties that hold the wire in place. Traditional braces move crowns of teeth first with smaller wires, followed by larger wires to move the roots. Depending on the severity of the orientation of the teeth, treatment can last up to two years and require regular visits for adjustments.


Although these braces have been around for over 20 years, they are now taking the industry by storm. FastBraces require only one wire and produce the same results as traditional braces only much quicker.

These braces start with a flexible, rectangular wire to adjust the roots of crooked or ingrown teeth. This technology allows for the movement of the roots of the teeth at the start of treatment, reducing treatment time. With FastBraces, treatment can take as little as three months.

Bradford Braces - InvisalignInvisalign

Another remarkable advancement in braces, Invisalign, is almost a complete departure from traditional braces. They are 3D printed trays called aligners that are fitted to your upper and lower teeth and are almost invisible.

Each aligner is precision crafted using 3D imaging and special software to determine the precise amount of pressure required to move each tooth into position.You will receive new aligners as your teeth move into position. What is truly remarkable about this approach is that you can remove Invisalign Clear Aligners at any time for meals, brushings, and photos. Just put them back on your teeth, and the aligners go back to straightening your teeth.


Call Bradford Family Dentistry for a free smile assessment. You’ll meet our team, get to know all of your options, and discuss a personalized treatment plan and budget designed just for you.


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