Charities That Make Us Smile

We try to help where we can. Since 2011, Bradford Family Dentistry has given over $150,000 away to charities and sponsorships we believe in – including Dentistry from the Heart, Cross Trainers Canada, and several sports team sponsorships. Curious to hear more about where this money is going? We’d love to pass on more information for these wonderful charities!

Two Charities We Recommend:

Bradford Family Dentistry Dentistry from the Heart

Dentistry from the Heart

2014 was the fourth year we have participated in Dentistry from the Heart. This is a day in which we open our office for free dental care for anyone and everyone, without exception.

Services utilized each year include cleanings, extractions, and fillage. To this day, Bradford Family Dentistry has given over $89,000 in free dental care to participants of Dentistry from the Heart day. Read more about our involvement in the Bradford Times.

Cross Trainers Canada

Bradford Family Dentistry’s involvement with Cross Trainers Canada primarily revolves around fundraising and donations. This organization aims to meet the basic needs of men, women, youth, and children in the Bradford Community.

The Hub Youth Center was developed in 2003, and continues to be one of the four facets of this non-profit organization. Check out more about Dr. Chai’s involvement with Cross Trainers Canada here.

As a client of Bradford Family Dentistry, your business doesn’t only support our staff, but also hundreds of people in need. Because we are able to care for you, we are able to care for others too. Thank you for your support!

~Dr. Chai (a.k.a. Dr. Tooth!) Dr. Tooth


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