Did You Know People Pay For Dental Insurance Every Year and Then NEVER Use IT!!!

Piggy Bank Savings Don't Waste Money

Most dental plans have benefits that expire at the end of each year.  NOW IS YOUR CHANCE to use your remaining insurance dental benefits before December 31st.


Did you know that most dental benefits plans pay for you to get your teeth cleaned twice a year and pay up to a certain dollar amount each year for needed dental work?  Did you know that if you don’t use these benefits by December 31st… YOU LOSE THEM!

The insurance company will keep the money you paid them, but you will lose the $1000 or more that they would have paid this year to fix your teeth!

Now is the time to book an appointment, especially After All That Halloween Candy!

Schedule your appointment now, don’t wait until the last minute!

Call Bradford Family Dentistry now to make an appointment.   Call 1-877-283-0497.


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