Do You Want Straighter Teeth, But Don’t Want to Wait?

There is a Solution- FAST BRACES!

What I really love about my profession is that everything we do is constantly evolving. Procedures are getting faster and more predictable.

I remember when I graduated dental school, they were teaching us Root Canal procedures that took 2 or sometimes 3 appointments, and now they can be done predictably in under 45 minutes. Crowns that used to take 2 to 3 appointments can be routinely done in about an hour and most of the common procedures such as fillings and implants can be done in the fraction of the time they use to, due to advances in technology and systems.

In the field of Orthodontics, there hasn’t been a great system that was predictable in moving teeth quickly and
safely… until now.

I have been placing braces on people for over 12 years, and I truly believe that FASTBRACES® is a game changer in how we can predictably move teeth safely and quickly to give our patients the smiles they’ve always dreamed of.

The average treatment time for regular braces is usually 2 years and up. With FASTBRACES® we can predictably straighten your teeth in 3 months to about a year.?

20 years of history and thousands and thousands of cases and university research have shown there is no more risk with FASTBRACES® than those associated with traditional braces. Also because the braces are on for less time there is less chance of tooth decay.

With Traditional Braces, you are often seen for 20 to 30 visits, while with FASTBRACES® you are typically only seen 5 to 10 visits. This means less time away from work and school. Also because the roots are so stable after treatment you only have to wear your retainers 15 minutes a day!

Because the treatment time is less, you spend less time with the doctor, and we are able to pass those savings onto you. Plus with less visits, there is less gas money spent driving to and from the office, so FASTBRACES® saves you both time and money.

You can call us today at 1-877-283-0497 and schedule a Free FASTBRACES® Consultation to see if its a fit for you or your family member. I can’t wait to deliver you a straighter smile.


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