Going Back To School Tips

going back to school tipsBack to school is more than just for students of JK, SK, Elementary Students, High School and College/University but for all those teaching as well, and so we’re offering some back to school tips for getting ready and looking great. It’s a movement more than just an event.

And what marks this entourage more than shopping!

Just like the other changes in the cycle of life which typically happen after school, such as first career job, house, children’s marriage, and babies, then retirement, more marriages, and downsizing; all seem to earmark purchasing new items and trying new things to reflect our new stage in life.

  1. Technology – has changed light years from clunky calculators – nowadays there’s an APP for that. Single devices have now merged into – well a touch screen Smartphone or tablet. Kids today do their homework on their digital tablet – by surfing the web, writing reports simultaneously while watching TV and texting their friends.
  2. Supplies –  the categories are merging as technology and fashion seep into this category. Such as branding on binders, books, pencils, or the like – or computers and laptops doing what pencils, binders and paper still do. Since the pen is still mightier than the sword, a few staple items will still do, keeping it basic is key – there’s lots of availability if one runs out and needs more. Even when it comes to branding – many teachers find the light-up flashy pencil sharpener is just a distraction to everyone in the class.
  3. Fashion – the top priority for some, and lower but still essential for others – fashion could mean wardrobe (clothing), haircut, grooming; and it could mean the latest superhero branding on supplies.

a)      Wardrobe – Getting a trendy piece or two, or perhaps a couple accessories (like a hat, or belt) can keep one up to date, but essential pieces like jeans and tees will keep one throughout the year. Trends will change and if the 80’s is any example, you may want to keep to the basics, or your pictures will surely tell the tale!

b)      Haircut – There used to be only 2 styles for boys – buzzed and Leave-it-to-Beaver; now there are a plethora of mens’ and boys’ styles; if this is important to your child then you may want to take them to a mid range salon, if not then the basics will do. Guys don’t typically wear make-up so the only style options they have are  through clothing, hair, grooming, and presence (attitude, confidence, values, etc).

c)       Smile/Dental – Always a consideration, primarily for health, but also fitting into the fashion category – and life – a big beautiful white smile can also help get that job interview or the spouse later on in life… which is important to start early.

Especially for college and university students, if they’re going to be away from home – best to get them all dentally “tuned-up” – checkup, cleaning, fixes such as cavities and teeth whitening.

For the littler ones, it’s a good time to get them back in their routine, as it’s a helpful reminder to ensure they’re getting the proper dental care when done in frequency, and both good habit and care to help their teeth last until their twilight years.

These teeth we have are meant to last for the rest of our lives. If it were our car that had to last 80+ years, then maintenance would be in the forefront. Similarly with our teeth and our mouths – including the gum that holds them in, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Some items such as a pulled tooth is permanent and there’s no un-do; only mechanically re-build (implants)… or dentures.

If you are going back to school and are looking for tips to start the school year with sparkling, shiny, white teeth we are offering a great deal for teeth whitening for back to school students – call us now while it’s still available 1-877-283-0497


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