Happy Father’s Day From Bradford Family Dentistry!

Read to the very end for a personal Father’s Day message from your friendly neighbourhood dentist, Dr. Chai!

What words come to mind when you think of Fathers? When you think of your Father? Your Grandfather? Your husband as Father to your kids? Another Father Figure in your life?

Here’s what we came up with to celebrate Father’s Day (just to name a few 🙂 ):

Personal Trainer
Sports Coach
Life Coach
Thing Fixer
Biggest Fan



Dads have a HUGE impact on the lives of their kids and families, and this year we wanted to take a moment to celebrate all these qualities in our Dads, Granddads, Uncles, or other Father Figures in our lives.


We are always encouraging Moms to take time for themselves to do whatever it is that recharges their batteries, so they can be at their best for their families. Whether that’s taking a walk, having a bubble bath, spending time with girlfriends, going to the gym, indulging in a spa day, etc…

But how often do we encourage Dads to do the same? Now granted, maybe a bubble bath isn’t the first thing a Dad thinks of when he wants to take time for himself, but the Dad in your life certainly has his own list of activities he enjoys for personal fulfillment and stress relief. And if you’re not sure what that list might entail? Ask him! A round of golf with his best buddies? Done! Time to work out at the gym, or space to work out at home? Done! Watching the game with friends at the pub? Done! Going for a long bike ride? Done! Binge watching his favourite show on Netflix? Done!

Father’s Day Every Day

Ask him what he would do with some free time, if he had it. And then give it to him! Not just on Father’s Day, but on a regular basis. Dads work hard. Moms seem to get all the glory sometimes, while Dads quietly take a back seat. But Dads need down time too. And there’s no better time than Father’s Day to start a new family habit:  scheduling time every week for Dad to do whatever he wants! His family will thank him for taking that time because he will be energized and refreshed to deal with family life and work demands.


One thing that Dads have in common with Moms, is that they, like Moms, also tend to neglect their own self-care. They put everyone else in their family first, and may feel there’s no time left over for themselves. So it’s time for Mom and kids to step up and give him that time. He will appreciate that you care enough about him to make sure he has the time he needs to get his health back on track. And you will appreciate that he is now able to give his absolute best to his family because he is prioritizing his health and well-being.

Speaking from a dental perspective, we can tell you that men tend to have more oral health issues than women. They may avoid the dentist, and may not brush and floss as often as they need to. Men also face increased risk of severe gum disease and oral cancer compared to women. And men with heart disease or high blood pressure may see more oral health problems as a result of the medications they take. We all know by now that oral health has a direct and profound impact on overall health — and vice versa. So booking Dad a visit with his dentist should be high on his new self-care list.


Bottom line:  it’s time to encourage the Dad in your life to make himself and his health a priority. And then do whatever it takes on your end to give him that time to do it. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Here’s a special Father’s Day message from your friendly neighbourhood dentist, Dr. Chai:

This weekend, make a family commitment to Dad that starting now, he can count on time every week to take care of himself. No exceptions. And then give him a hug! 

From Bradford Family Dentistry, Happy Father’s Day!





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