In This Case, Slow and Steady Doesn’t Win!

Here at Bradford Family Dentistry, we are one of the only dentists in the area to offer Fastbraces® – the best way to get straight teeth with minimal pain, time, and money!

What are Fastbraces?

With Fastbraces®, you will have straight teeth in about 1 year. In some select cases, the process takes only 3 months!

Dr. Anthony Viazis created Fastbraces. He treated the first patients in 1992 with fantastic results! And for over 20 years now, thousands of people have experienced this revolutionary treatment.

As the name suggests, Fastbraces® are fast!

Less treatment time means less visits to us. We pass those savings on to you!

How do they work?

So, you are probably wondering, how do these braces work faster?

First, let’s talk about traditional braces. Standard brackets are square, which doesn’t allow for enough room between the brackets for the wire to work efficiently.

The first year of this conventional treatment is focused on straightening the crown of the tooth. The second year is when the root is straightened.

Fastbraces® brackets have a triangle shape that allows those 2 processes to happen at the same time. There is double the space between the brackets, which means the wire is 8x more flexible!

This graphic illustrates how it works:

The wire used in Fastbraces® is square and made from super-elastic nickel-titanium wire. The heat of your mouth triggers the movement of the wire.

The reason that teeth are crooked is because they come in from the wrong angle – either tilted, sideways, or in an otherwise wrong position. So, why waste time by only correcting the crown during the first phase if the root of the problem is, well, at the root?

Tell me more…

On top of aesthetics and cost, quicker straightening time has other benefits as well.

The longer braces are on, the higher the risk of tooth decay. If you’ve ever worn braces, you know how challenging and time-consuming it is to clean around each bracket. Poor oral hygiene is common with braces, so if they are on for longer, there will be more damage.

Another bonus is that with traditional braces, we see more resorption, or shortening of the root. The reason behind it is still a little unclear, but there seems to be a correlation between the length of time that the braces are on and the extent of resorption. With Fastbraces®, we don’t see as much resorption.

Additionally, university studies have found that Fastbraces® have ‘lower sensitivity’ and ‘the lowest mean frictional forces’ compared to traditional braces. Less sensitivity and friction means less pain and discomfort for you!

For Who

Almost anyone is a candidate for Fastbraces®. 80% of the population can benefit from this great technology!


Many kids suffer from improper bite and crooked teeth. This can be an even bigger problem later in life. This is a cost-effective way to manage those issues early on.

If your child is worried about how they will look with braces, the speediness of these brackets will help a lot!

Fastbraces also hurt less than traditional braces, which is great for children.


If you are an adult who needs braces, first of all, you are not alone!

Secondly, if you are worried about how you will look as an adult with braces, Fastbraces is a great solution. In just 3 months to 1 year, you will have straight, beautiful teeth!

If you have any more questions about Fastbraces®, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We can take a look at your teeth and unique situation and determine the course of action from there.

~Dr. Chai (a.k.a. Dr. Tooth!)

Dr. Tooth


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