Get Straight Teeth With Invisalign® Invisible Braces

If you would like to correct your misaligned teeth, have you considered Invisalign®? Read on…

Metal mouth, brace face, railroad track, cheese grater! I’m sure that everyone can remember hearing these insults hurled all over playgrounds and cafeterias the world over. Braces! The one thing that every child or teenager diagnosed with misaligned teeth dreads to hear. Having a mouth crammed full of metal wires and miscellaneous hardware, not being able to eat what you want, having to spend hours cleaning your teeth and braces. And after all that pain and suffering, you might discover that you have straight teeth – that are now full of cavities. And you thought that under-the-bed monsters and bogeymen were scary!

But technological advances have revolutionized orthodontics and metal braces will soon go the way of VCRs, floppy disks, and records. Advances in 3D computer imaging have made Invisalign® possible and rescued countless people from the pain and emotional scars of traditional braces.

Invisalign® — The Clear Alternative


Invisalign® aligners are virtually invisible braces (also known as lingual braces) made of clear acrylic molded to the exact shape and size of your teeth. They look very much like the trays often used in teeth-whitening procedures but are much stronger. Like metal braces, the aligners gradually and gently guide your teeth into proper alignment, but Invisalign® technology doesn’t require metal wires, brackets, elastics, and retainers. As your teeth ease into their proper positions, the aligners are replaced – typically every two weeks.

You can expect to wear Invisalign® invisible braces full-time for 12 to 48 months, about the same amount of time you would wear traditional braces, but because the aligners just slide onto your teeth they can be removed when eating and drinking or brushing and flossing.

Metal braces make oral hygiene tedious and tricky, often requiring special equipment and hours of your time. All too often, orthodontists have to inform their patients that their newly aligned teeth are now in a state of advanced tooth decay or that gingivitis has set in. Invisalign® braces, because they are all one piece with no hardware providing a hiding place for food particles and bacteria, have completely eliminated that heart-breaking revelation.

What’s Involved With Invisalign® Treatment?


The whole procedure could not be simpler, faster, or more painless. Here at Bradford Family Dentistry, we will assess your needs and discuss the procedure. Once we’ve decided on a course of action, we will take bite impressions of your teeth, upper and/or lower, that will be used to custom-design your invisible braces (aligners). These impressions need only be done once; a 3D computer projection based on the impressions will form the basis for a series of Invisalign® aligners.

Once your invisible braces or clear aligners are ready, we’ll provide them either singly or in groups during regular appointments, changing to the next set in the series as needed. While the removable Invisalign® aligners can be removed when eating or drinking, you will have to wear them at least 20 hours a day in order for the treatment to be successful.

This treatment is usually prescribed to patients mature and responsible enough to wear them as required – usually teenagers and adults with permanent teeth who can follow directions faithfully. Invisalign® aligners can’t do their work if they’re sitting on your dresser or sink. However, the customization process produces aligners that are so comfortable and gentle that wearing them for 20 hours a day is no more difficult than wearing contact lenses.

If you have concerns about your appearance and are interested in Invisalign® invisible braces as a discreet solution for teeth-straightening for you or your children, give us a call today and we will be happy to schedule a consultation appointment with our orthodontist for you: 1-877-283-0497.


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