dentist king city

The philosophy of our greater King City dentist and dental team is to hold the honor of dentistry while providing quality dental care for you – we do not only create beautiful smiles but also improve the quality of people’s lives. We always put it at the back of our minds that dentistry is not all about business, but also about trying to help you with your dental problems. That is our main priority. You can always count on our King City Dental team, routine inspections, as well as consultations.

The King City area dental team implements the latest technology since your dream of healthy and beautiful teeth is easily achievable with the latest technology. Dental treatments will be provided to you professionally, using innovative equipment and new materials. We welcome you and your family in a warm and intimate atmosphere, as your comfort means a lot to us. The relaxed atmosphere of our dental clinic will provide you with an opportunity to forget about your various fears when visiting our King City area dentist.

Our clinic offers a full range of dental services:  general dentistry, dental examinations and hygiene. We also provide treatments in cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening, teeth straightening, dental implants, crowns, bridges and veneers. Cosmetic dentistry is instrumental to improving a patients sense of well-being, emotional state, perceptions of themselves, success at work, and relationships. Under the influence of movies and magazines, many are driven by the desire to improve their appearance and look for a dentist who can perform cosmetic procedures of high quality. Bradford Family Dentistry  can offer you this.

We help in the treatment and management of gum diseases, root canal treatment and oral surgery.  According to the World Health Organization 80-90% of the populations have inflammatory periodontal disease of varying severity. This disease is an actual problem due to the fact that the progression of periodontitis often leads to tooth loss. Our modern periodontic  procedures offer effective methods for preventing and controlling of gum diseases.

All our dental treatments are relatively painless.  When booking an appointment with the a King City dentist, consider Bradford Family dentistry, where you can get all your dental procedures done in the same clinic, usually all in one visit, when its convenient for you.