Looking for the Best Dentist in Newmarket? It’s Worth the Short Drive to Bradford.

Best Dentist in NewmarketLooking for the best dentist in Newmarket area for your family’s needs isn’t always easy.  But every family relies on a handful of professional service providers.

Whether it’s your family doctor, a trusted mechanic, reliable plumber, or dentist, these people are there to help your family when you need them. And, in most cases, you start to develop a relationship and rapport with your service providers that could last for years.

So how do you go about looking for the best Dentist for your family’s needs?  Below are some helpful tips.

Seven tips for finding the best dentist in the Newmarket area for your family:

1 – Ask Around

Finding great professionals in town can be overwhelming. Locating something as particular as a dental practice that will meet your family’s needs, that is accepting patients can be more challenging than picking a hair stylist. However, once you’ve found a good one they will serve your family for years to come.

A great place to start is by asking people you know.  Ask your neighbour, your coworkers, other parents at the soccer game. Word of mouth is still a great way to discover great businesses. And of course, Facebook is now a great place to ask questions and get people’s personal recommendations.

2 – Search Online

Is there anyone without access to a computer or smartphone these days? This is more than likely your next step in searching for the best dentist for your family. Search on Google or Facebook for dentists within a short drive, and look at patient ratings and reviews. These impartial reviews; both good and bad, will give honest feedback as to their experience with a particular dentist. Since most practices are in a constant state of improvement, take note of their overall ratings but also how often they are reviewed positively, and what the most recent reviewers are saying.  You can also discover a wealth of testimonials and reviews on our website here.

3 – What Services Does Your Family Need?

While you are on the web, you can look at the websites of dental practices themselves. Most dental practitioners have an online presence that speaks to the services they provide and how they serve their patients. Take a look at the services they offer and confirm it’s a good fit for your family.

You probably already have a good idea of what your family needs, or what might possibly be on the horizon. You may have pre-existing work that was done that requires special equipment or particular services such as cosmetic dentistry.

You may also have young children who may require braces in the future. So be sure to look for these particular services while searching dentist websites.

4 – Where Are They Located

Most families live by routines, and yours is probably no different. School, sports, and other activities are all on your weekly calendar. So, when it’s time to see a dentist either for a check-up, braces visits, or because of a problem, having your dentist within a short drive can play a big role in which dentist you choose.

A dentist that is within a short drive with flexible hours can be a relief when dealing with a busy schedule, an emergency, or poor weather.

5 – What’s Their Team Like

Next, have a look at the website’s staff or team page. Take note of the dentist’s expertise and experience. A really good dentist will have several years under their belt, but at the same time, be up on the latest in dental technology.

Look for expertise in the areas you feel that you might need, such as braces or dental implants. Get a sense of their professional career, and you’ll be ready for the next stage of the selection process.

Check out the Bradford Family Dentistry Team here

6 – Call Them Up and Go For A Tour

This may sound old-school, but give their office a call. Reception is a reflection of the kind of service they will provide. Do they answer the phone in a friendly manner, or are they brusque or sound like they are too busy to speak with you? Get a feel for how they treat people.

Then, if they pass the phone test, go ahead and see if they offer tours of their clinic. If so, then schedule a visit, if you have children, take them along to see how they interact with them, you can get a great perspective on how they run their practice.

Are they warm and welcoming?  Do they have a comfortable waiting room? Are there activities for children? Is the decor calming? Pay attention to any red flags that pop up during your visit as one area of concern may just be the tip of the iceberg.  If you feel comfortable on the tour, that’s a good sign.

7 – It’s Time To Give Them a Try

If after all your research you’ve narrowed it down to one dentist, then why not just book an initial consultation? These are sometimes free and you will get some face time with the dentist and their staff. And assuming this goes well you can then go ahead and book your next cleaning or checkup?

If your experience matches your assessment, you can say they passed the audition and you have your new family dentist, and you can check that important task off your list!

To learn for yourself why it’s worth the drive to Bradford for your family’s dental needs.

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