Notches and Bumps On Teeth

Why Do My Child’s Front Teeth Have Bumpy Edges?
If you don’t remember when your own permanent teeth came in, you may be surprised to see the bumpy edges that are present on your child’s newly erupted permanent teeth. What are they? Will they go away?

•    The Bumps That Are Called Mamelons
The bumps, which are often seen with slight grooves between them, are an entirely normal part of tooth development. Teeth develop from lobes that merge together to form the tooth. The remnants of development are displayed as mamelons.

•    The Short Life of Most Mamelons
Normal wear from chewing usually smooths off the mamelons in a relatively short time. However, some people have managed to retain their mamelons into adulthood! This can occur when the tooth edges fail to contact opposing teeth, thus avoiding normal wear and tear. If an adult dislikes the appearance of their mamelons they can visit their dentist to have them smoothed.

Why Do I Have Notches on My Teeth at the Gumline?

The enamel covering teeth naturally thins as it meets the gumline, marking the end of the tooth crown and the beginning of the root. Teeth clenching and grinding and a poor bite can put stress on teeth that can result in receding gums and notching. The damage to the tooth can be compounded by tooth decay, erosion from acidic foods, and even from excessive brushing using stiff-bristled brushes.

•    Treating Sensitive Teeth: Notched teeth can be sensitive to cold and sweets. Using toothpaste with a formula designed for sensitive teeth will help soothe edgy nerves. Teeth with extreme sensitivity may require treatment with a tooth-colored filling.

•    Preventing Further Notching Damage: Be sure to use sensitive formula toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrushes
Finally, see us to treat the issues that contribute to known causes of notching, including clenching and grinding teeth and poor bite.


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