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Our Pottageville area dentist has dental care and correction of Malocclusion for children of all ages. Pediatric dentistry is in high demand for dentists and not every dentist can work well with children, as an excellent knowledge and experience in the field of child dentistry is required, so they can easily connect with the child, without fear.  A child’s first visit to the dentist often determines how they react to future visits. Our dental team will help rid your child’s fears and hesitations right from the start.

Our dental clinic offers a pleasant environment for the care of your children’s teeth,  using modern equipment and procedures for optimum and fast care, to get them through as fast as possible. Our Pottageville area dentist uses the latest equipment & procedures that allows us to recognize different diseases in the mouth and develop a plan for treatment. Many people have this misconception that primary teeth issues do not need to be treated, but the eruption of permanent teeth is based on how healthy the primary teeth are. Most diseases of primary teeth carry forward to permanent teeth, and in some cases, the time of eruption will be disturbed or delayed.

Crooked and misaligned teeth is another problem encountered in pediatric dentistry. This may lead to an improper bite and occlusion. Our Pottageville dental team will monitor your child’s bite and the eruption of new teeth. We will also advise you and your child in preventive hygiene, including the proper care of primary teeth, correction of congenital defects, sealing fissures and of course advice on hygiene.

Dental diseases in children also poses a great threat to the health of a your child. Lack of treatment and prevention of these diseases contribute to the development of complications. Most often, this leads to a number of inflammatory diseases such as Pulpitis, Gingivitis, and Periodontitis. The danger is that these inflammatory processes are able to pass on to healthy surrounding tissues, which can lead to irreversible consequences for the overall health of your child. Our dental team will help find an individual approach to your child’s dental needs to ensure continued oral and overall health.

Healthy teeth not only bring a happy smile, but also proper speech, right development of facial structure and overall health. Our team understands the importance of your child’s development  and offer a great foundation for your child to develop the habits of a healthy way of life!

 To book an appointment for your family to meet with a Pottageville area dentist, give us a call at 905-775-5307 or through our contact us page.