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As a greater Queensville area dentist, we know that time is of the essence in your daily life, so we have options that are just right for your busy schedule like same day appointments & after hours emergencies. We can make it much easier not just for yourself but for the whole family! Eliminate the traveling around for each procedure, and bring everyone in at once.

Have our hygienists checkup and clean your children’s teeth while you have a whitening treatment. Does a family member need teeth straightening? Ask about our 6-Month Smiles treatment? Fillings, onsite crowns, cosmetic dentistry or implants? Yes, yes, and yes! Jaw pain, neck aches or headaches? And let us see if we can help your loved one stop snoring too, while we’re at it.

In fact, we do most treatments right under one roof, and often in 1 appointment…all to save you time!

How do we do this? With our qualified and efficient, friendly staff, plus the latest in dental technology – both in equipment, procedures and techniques.

Be sure to ask us about these options:

Zoom teeth whitening, which can lighten up to an astounding 8 shades whiter, or more.

Lumineers and Veneers have transformed even extremely crooked or gapped teeth.

Digital x-rays – not only do they produce images of your teeth, they can make the image bigger (zoom in) which is tremendously helpful, and have monumentally less radiation than traditional film x-rays, essentially a fraction (up to 70% less).

The Diagnodent is a pen like computerized hand piece that detects cavities, especially early ones that can be treated imminently to preserve the most amount of tooth structure.

Sirona’s Cerec™ CAD/CAM technology creates a ceramic crown in a single visit using 3D rendering style software (digital impressioning) and a “printer” called a milling machine which sculpts the porcelain tooth with robotic “arms” (mechanisms) – it’s minimally invasive, thus saving more healthy tooth structure (no more ugly metal fillings or gold crowns), and they last longer than bonding.

The Facial Development field has a new painless device from OrthoSmile™ to achieve more prominent cheekbones, better facial symmetry, decreased lines and wrinkles,  facial enhancement, wider smile called the Homeoblock™; has also been known for treatment of sleep and breathing disorders.

Does your Queensville dentist offer other services like Anti-Snoring and Sleep Apnea options? We check for this with a sonar like piece of diagnostic equipment called a Pharyngometer / Rhinometer which maps out the oral and nasal airway, and gives the dentist information of whether a specialized mouth appliance (usually worn at night) will be an option for you. Take the test, if not for you, then for your loved ones!

Jaw Pain, Headaches,  Neck aches? Ultrasound is used for muscle inflammation and is an option for our TMD and headache patients to reduce pain. We also have available Jaw Tracker – which maps out jaw movements, Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) – which measures the vibration in jaw joints during normal opening and closing, Energex – which stimulates tissue which is designed to reduce related pain and inflammation; EMG technology is non-invasive and tests muscle activity in the head & neck area, and measures excess or imbalanced muscle activity which can help with facial imbalance often associated with jaw joint issues.

Just to name a few! (more dental technology listed here)

Just as we’ve all seen technologically accelerate in these past few years in our daily lives, it has overlapped into many fields, especially dentistry.

We’ve consistently searching for pain free, and pain-reduced options as well as state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to make your experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible (you can even watch a movie while we work!).

Prevention is so important to imminently treat any smaller issues, so they don’t get an opportunity to turn into bigger ones down the road. So if you are looking for a one-stop-shop Queensville dentist, you’ll find us just down the road in Bradford, to offer you a consultation at 1-877-283-0497.