Regularly schedule dental checkups

A dental checkup is an important part of preventative medicine to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. Finding problems early goes a long way towards fixing them effectively.

For centuries, people didn’t see a dentist until they had severe tooth or mouth pain. Studies made in the 1950s by the United States military found that many entering service had oral issues, and a standard for preventative dentistry was created. The idea that everyone should go for a checkup every six months is often attributed to an ad campaign developed by the toothpaste company, Pepsodent.  For the majority of patients, twice a year does work very well.

A small number of patients may only need a visit once a year or longer; while many others may be at higher risk for dental disease and should see their dentist more often. These high-risk patients include:

•  Smokers
•  Diabetics
•  Pregnant women
•  Those with ongoing gum disease
•  Those with a tendency for plaque build-up
•  Those with weak immune systems who may be more susceptible to bacterial infection
•  Those with interleukin-1 genetic variations that are linked to periodontal disease

Today, it is recommended that you have regular dental visits, with the interval being determined by your dentist. Though there is no “one size fits all”, there is no question that regular appointments are necessary for your oral health.  We can tailor your visits based on your current oral health, as well as your past history, to keep your smile beautiful and long-lasting.


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