Same Day Dental Crowns Will Astound You

Same Day Dental CrownsSame day dental crowns are now available in Bradford!

In the past, dental procedures were looked forward to with dread. This was often because procedures required numerous appointments. This was especially true in the case of getting dental crowns. In most cases, crowns were inserted several weeks after the initial filling or root canal.

Today, however, we can do everything in one day, eliminating the need for multiple appointments!

Here is everything you need to know about same-day dental crowns in Bradford:

Crowns Can Help If A Tooth is in Need of Repair

Crowns are used to protect teeth at risk of cracking or splitting. This can be due to a large filling that becomes loose or a previous root canal. A crown strengthens your tooth by using protective materials such as gold or porcelain to protect the tooth from further damage.

A crown also restores a tooth to look and feel like the original. This is a positive feature for comfort, appearance, and proper chewing. Not all options, however, have the same aesthetic results. With new technological advances, some of the traditional methods are becoming obsolete.

What Crown to Wear?

Dental crowns are nothing new although methods, techniques, and materials have evolved over the years.

  • Gold is still used today and is considered a conservative choice. These crowns require at least two visits and by today’s standards, aren’t considered an attractive option.
  • Another option is a gold and porcelain hybrid crown. This crown is chosen when the tooth is significantly reduced. The gold offers strength for the tooth, and the porcelain is closer to the colour of the natural tooth.
  • Finally, a full porcelain crown is a more modern, attractive choice when paired with the latest dental technology and equipment.

A Crowning Achievement

Of all the options available today, Cerec crowns have specific advantages. These crowns are a time-saver for those with busy lives. They are completed in one visit, require no impressions, no temporaries, and are strong and resistant to damage.

Advanced imaging is used to scan the tooth to create a virtual, precise replica. Until recently, CAD/CAM design technology was associated with construction and manufacturing. In this case, however, CAD/CAM leverages computer-aided design and manufacturing to custom build same-day crowns.

This process is now completed on-site in our dental office. The entire procedure is completed in one day instead of two or more over the course of several weeks. This is a huge advancement and makes the need for temporary crowns unnecessary.

Is it Time to be Crowned?

With the incredible advances in dental technology, there is no reason to put off visiting us to see if same day dental crowns are right for you. With the entire procedure done in a day, it’s hard not to get excited by how accessible and easy this process has become.

Book your same day crown consultation today!


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