Sharon Dentist

If finding a one-stop dentist in the Sharon area is important to you, by saving you time and bringing the whole family in at once, we can help you! Our full service dentistry office provides most services under one roof, such as cleanings, zoom whitening and fillings to onsite same day crowns, veneers and cosmetic dentistry, bridges, dentures, implants, facial reconstruction and orthodontics to name a few.

From infants to grandparents, we can treat all members of the family, even all at once! Our friendly professional staff and multiple dental rooms are ready to assist your family with their various needs; not just your dental needs but overall health. The body works synergistically therefore, what affects one part can affect the other and vice versa – the body affect the mouth, or the mouth affect the body (even with disorders such as bulimia, for example).  Digital “x-rays” use around 70% less radiation than traditional film x-rays.

Speaking of technology, now with 6 Month Smiles™ – no longer does teeth straitening have to endure 4 years of hassle. Dentistry has come a long way since even you were a kid!

Did you know snoring, migraines, neck and head pain, even back pain could be treated at the dentist? New technology has help relieve many of our clients of pain, whether acute or chronic. See our client’s testimonials!

As a greater Sharon area dentist, we can even reduce the number of visits with our on-site technology. For example, natural looking porcelain crowns are made right in our office in the same appointment. It utilizes 3D CAD/CAM technology which the dentist will review and modify, then send the information to an onsite robotic “printer” which sculpts the tooth to fit precisely. This saves the most amount of tooth surface area as well, and is far stronger, durable and longer lasting than a deep white filling.

No matter whether simply a cleaning or as complex as facial reconstruction we are delighted to assist you in wherever your needs may apply. If you’re a little skittish about the dentist, our gentle staff have movies for you to watch while we work, warm blankets, and other creature comforts for you to enjoy while visiting. If you feel additional calming methods are needed, or should you choose and be qualified to have your procedures done all in one sitting – various sedation dentistry options are available – with sedation dentistry’s amnesic effects, you may not even remember the treatment!

We’re delighted to take your call, for the whole family!  To set up a consultation with a Sharon area dentist, call us toll free at: 1-877-283-0497, or enter your number below to connect instantly!