Smile Secrets of the Stars (How They Keep Them Looking So Good)

Smile Secrets of the StarsWhat are the Smile Secrets of the Stars?  Well, a perfect and white smile makes anyone irresistible – it gives you a special charm. People who smile often live longer and feel better about themselves because smiling gives a feeling of youth and vibrancy.  Scientists have found that a mother watching her baby smile, actively produce endorphins which are called “the feel-good hormones”.  What prevents most of us from smiling all day long – usually embarrassing teeth.  Or maybe you just think that your teeth will never be as white as Hollywood Stars? Well, the good news is you can have exactly that!

 Let’s start with the basics – Whitening is one of the Smile Secrets of the Stars. Teeth whitening has long become a common cosmetic procedure for Hollywood stars. Today there are several different ways of whitening the teeth. Firstly, chemical bleaching which involves wearing special caps made from a cast of human jaws and filled with bleaching agent. They are placed on the teeth for several hours a day. For the benefit of this procedure it is best done at night. It takes about 2-3 weeks to get full result. Light and laser whitening is done by the dentist, it can take from a few minutes to an hour. This method involves applying teeth whitening gel, usually containing hydrogen peroxide solution, activated by an ultra-violet light. Because each method has its advantages and disadvantages, choose one that is right for you. Our Dentist can help you decide with one simple consultation.

The Number two Smile secrets of the stars are Porcelain Veneers. These are thin porcelain crowns, made of ceramic, & produced by the dental laboratory over a few days. In just two visits Porcelain Veneers provide you an excellent and beautiful smile. Since the 1940’s it was the magic solution for Hollywood stars. Veneers have a pleasant look and shade does not differ from the natural teeth.  Porcelain Veneers work wonders and give excellent results in teeth restoration, to even the most unpleasant teeth.  The fact that the veneers are thin does not mean that they are fragile; they are strong enough to last as long as twenty years.

It is no secret that almost everyone dreams of a beautiful and healthy teeth, another way to achieve that is by getting dental implants, for missing teeth.  Dental Implants are made of durable and lightweight metal – titanium and are implanted into the oral cavity using a special procedure, then a porcelain crown in place on top. It serves as the root of the tooth in the jaw of the patient. They set crowns (analogues of natural teeth) or dentures, which can be both removable and non-removable. With dental implants the absence of the tooth is not an obstacle for the perfect Hollywood smile!

Are are you still wondering how they keep them looking so good? Call our dental center! And we’ll be glad to help you find the right plan for you to get you that dazzling Hollywood smile!


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