Summertime Is the Perfect Time to See the Dentist

We all need regular visits to the dentist to maintain optimal oral health – as well as to lower the risk for other diseases, such as heart disease and strokes – by catching problems early. Summer is one of the best times to schedule one of those visits.
Here are a few reasons why:

School’s out, so it is easier to fit a visit to the dentist into your schedule. You don’t have to struggle to get an after-school or weekend appointment, nor have your child miss class time for a weekday visit. Even if you don’t have a child, scheduling a visit in the summer for yourself means you’ll miss the back-to-school rush we face in the fall. Our office is also busier in late fall through December. Why? Many of us don’t think about dental benefits from insurance disappearing at the end of the year and rush to make needed appointments.

Vacation Preparedness
Summer means vacation traveling for many. You don’t want your vacation ruined by a dental emergency that could have been avoided with a checkup before heading out.

More Snacking in Summer
More downtime at home in the summer leads to more sugary drinks and snack food. You can substitute healthy foods for snacking and drink lots of water to rinse your mouth, but having a checkup in the summer will help you catch potential problems like cavities early, before they become bigger issues.

Lastly, Summer Time Is Smile Time
It’s true – most of us do smile more in the summer. Make sure your smile is beautiful and healthy by scheduling a dental checkup this summer!


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