We Have The Cleanest Air In Bradford With Surgically Clean Air™

What do the Toronto Raptors and Bradford Family Dentistry have in common? (The Maple Leafs and the Blue Jays too, for that matter…)professional-sports-teams-use-surgically-clean-air-Bradford-Dentist

They all breathe the same quality of air! Dentists like Dr. Chai and professional athletes like the Raptors, Maple Leafs, and Blue Jays believe that the air we breathe in our working environment needs to be scrupulously clean in order to not only stay safe and healthy, but to help us perform to our highest abilities. That’s why they all have invested in the cutting-edge air purification technology of Surgically Clean Air™.

It’s all right there in the brand name. We know that surgeons in operating rooms must have a completely sterile environment for the medical staff’s safety as well as that of the patient on the table. Hence the name “Surgically Clean Air™”. Makes sense.

Well, that standard of air purity is quickly becoming recognized as essential for more than just surgical staff in an operating room. The list of industries and workplace sectors across North America now using Surgically Clean Air™ is long:

  • Health Services (nursing homes, funeral homes, animal care)
  • Sports & Fitness (professional and college level sports teams, health clubs, spas)
  • Education & Childcare (public schools, daycares, universities)
  • Office & Retail (office buildings, retail stores)
  • Industrial (factories, warehouses, assembly lines)
  • And yes – some DENTAL PRACTICES!

Why Is Indoor Air Quality So Important?

Let’s take a look at why air quality indoors is so crucial, no matter what sector you work in. We are all aware of the increasing environmental and health dangers of air pollution, which we immediately associate with elements in our outside atmosphere:  smog, toxic emissions from vehicles, exhaust output from factories and industry, allergenic pollutants such as mold and pollen, etc.why-is-indoor-air-quality-so-important-surgically-clean-air-Bradford-Dentist

However, there is increasing evidence suggesting the air we breathe indoors is just as, if not more, hazardous than the air we breathe outdoors – and considering we spend 90% of our time indoors, that’s cause for concern. Sources of indoor toxins include cleaning products, paint, carpeting, flooring, personal care products and cosmetics, glue, permanent markers, home printers, dust, cigarette smoke, wood stoves or fireplaces, carbon monoxide, mold and mildew spores, viruses and bacteria, pet saliva and dander, even dried rodent urine. Even with a good HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) where we live or work, this toxic air is simply being recirculated within the same space over and over and over again.

What’s needed is an air purification system that not only filters all these pollutants out of the air, but then destroys them, leaving nothing but pure, clean air in its wake. And that’s what Surgically Clean Air™ does.

The Most Hazardous Job In America

In 2015, Business Insider published the results of a study that was done analyzing 974 various occupations to determine the most dangerous, unhealthy jobs in America, based on criteria such as:hazardous-job-surgically-clean-air-Bradford-Family-Dentistry

  • Exposure to contaminants
  • Exposure to disease and infection
  • Exposure to hazardous conditions
  • Exposure to radiation
  • Risk of minor cuts, burns, stings or bites
  • Time spent sitting on the job

Thinking of all the potential occupations there are in this world to choose from, guess what job carries the highest health risk of them all?

Radiologist? …Nope.

Nuclear Equipment Operation Technician? …Nuh-uh.

Critical Care Nurse? …You’d think so, but no.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator? …Gotta be this one, you say? Sorry.most-hazardous-job-is-dental-professional-surgically-clean-air-Bradford-Dentist

Nope — all of these jobs are risky, sure… but there’s one occupation that rises above the rest in overall risk and damage to health. The number one most dangerous, risky, and unhealthy job title belongs to:  dentists, dental surgeons, and dental assistants.

Surprised? Let’s break it down and you’ll understand why.

Aerosols, Bioaerosols, Splatter And Dental Tools

You may not be familiar with the term ‘aerosols’ or ‘bioaerosols’, but you can likely visualize what is meant by ‘splatter’ in a dental clinic. This is the crux of the problem. This is where the danger lies for dentists and dental staff, and ultimately, everyone else who steps foot in a dental clinic.

Dental professionals are peering closely into open mouths all day long. They have to, it’s their job. Now think of how colds and flu are transmitted from person to person:  through their respiratory droplets, right? This is precisely why we’ve been wearing masks and keeping our distance from everyone else in society for almost a year now… because COVID-19 is spread via those droplets, and masks help everyone keep their droplets to themselves.

You may argue, ‘well, it’s only a problem if the patient in the dentist’s chair is actually sick with a cold or flu, and coughs or sneezes during their checkup, right?’dental-tools-cause-aerosols-and-splatter-surgically-clean-air-Bradford-Family-Dentistry

It’s not quite that simple.

Dentists and dental assistants use a wide variety of specialty tools to accomplish the dental task at hand:  low-speed instruments, high-speed instruments, drills, air-water syringes, ultrasonic scalers, coolant sprayers, air polishing tools, etc… And when used, all these tools have the unavoidable side effect of particulate matter from the patient’s oral cavity being dispersed into the air. A typical HVAC system, even with a basic air filtration component to it, will filter out those particles, yes – but if those particles are not actually destroyed in the filtration process, they end up just recirculating back into the air within a different area of the clinic.

Filter, Destroy, Purify

Surgically Clean Air™ is different. This medical-grade air purifier system (made completely in Canada, by the way) filters out and effectively destroys just about 100% of pollutants (i.e. all those nasty bioaerosols) that are a necessary consequence of doing work as a dental professional. As Dr. Chai explains in the video below, Bradford Family Dentistry invested several years ago in two giant main Surgically Clean Air™ units, and since the COVID-19 pandemic started, has added another 13 individual units: one for each patient treatment room plus all the common areas of our clinic. We’ve got you completely covered!

We know that we have the most advanced, cutting-edge air purification technology working on behalf of Dr. Chai and his staff 24/7. And that’s why you, too, should feel safe as our valued patients when you come see us for your checkups. We do everything we possibly can to keep you, and our staff, safe and healthy – both before this pandemic, and now during it. You can trust us into the future too. Surgically Clean Air™ is a vital piece of our overall health and safety protocol and we have confidence in its technology.

Don’t put off your dental appointments out of fear – it’s never been safer to come see us at Bradford Family Dentistry!

Go Raptors/Leafs/Blue Jays Go!!


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