Thankful For…Modern Dentistry!

Although you might dread the idea of visiting your dental office, the truth is there is a lot to be thankful for when it comes to modern dentistry. We won’t go into the unpleasant details of the dental methods and treatments of years gone by here, but we will explain the advancements in modern dentistry that help make your visits far more pleasant today. Here are the many reasons you can be thankful for modern dentistry.

Improved Diagnostics


Your visit to the dentist for both checkups and specific issues is far easier today thanks to improvements in imaging. Digital imaging allows us to get a far clearer picture of your teeth and roots so we can make a quicker, more accurate diagnosis on the spot. The quality of images is greatly improved thanks to digital software that allows us to look at your teeth three-dimensionally so we fully understand what is happening to improve outcomes.

As well, we can now use intra-oral photographs with a camera so we can show you the issues and explain why we recommend the treatments we do. We can also share that info for insurance purposes or with specialists when a referral is required.

Avoiding Dental Anxiety


A modern dental clinic is now designed to create a less clinical feel, together with a new approach to staff mindset. Our office has taken every step possible to make our patients feel at ease. If you suffer from dental anxiety, we have methods to ensure your experience is as stress-free as possible. It starts with a welcoming environment where you can feel safe speaking to any member of our team about your concerns.

We provide televisions to help distract you and you can also wear headphones and listen to music during your treatments. For those with severe dental anxiety, we offer the use of medications and nitrous oxide to keep you calm while completing your procedure, so you are completely unaware of what is happening. You have the choice to be semi-conscious during your dental procedure or completely asleep. We can discuss what will make you the most comfortable so your visits with us are completely stress-free.

Understanding The Impact Of Jaw Problems


Many people suffer from symptoms such as headaches, facial pain, limited opening, and jaw pain without ever finding a solution. However, advancements in modern dentistry recognize jaw pain and chronic headaches as possible TMJ disorders affecting the jaw joints, muscles, or both. We can assess jaw pain and headaches to see if they are caused by TMJ issues and provide treatment to help finally alleviate your chronic pain. Treatments include removable appliances called TMJ orthotics, orthodontic treatments to align the jaws and teeth, or application of dental materials, depending on what is causing your TMJ issues.

Composite White Fillings


This might seem odd, but for many, those old dark fillings can be a source of anxiety. White fillings are stronger and unnoticeable, making them the ideal restorative treatment for cavities. Composite fillings also require less drilling, which helps maintain the structure of your natural tooth. The composite is hardened using a special light, so they cure quickly. They are also easier to fix if damaged.

Affordable And Improved Cosmetic Treatments


It used to be that if you mentioned ‘cosmetic dentistry’ people would envision those fake “capped”, overly white teeth that looked unnatural. However thanks to modern dentistry there are many different cosmetic treatments available to correct a long list of smile woes, including:

  • Dental veneers
  • Dental bonding
  • Natural-looking crowns
  • Teeth whitening
  • Invisalign® and Fastbraces®

All of these cosmetic dental treatments are designed to improve the look of your smile, addressing everything from discolouration and staining to gaps, and from overlaps to misshapen teeth.

Amazing Dental Implants


Dental implants offer the ultimate tooth replacement solution. They use a special metal post inserted into the jaw bone that actually fuses to the bone, creating a root just as sturdy as your natural roots. Together with either full or partial dentures or very natural-looking crowns, you have the same look, bite and structure as your natural teeth. They are a permanent solution to tooth replacement thanks to their unique posts and highly durable crowns.

Improved Orthodontics


Patients have more choices than ever for orthodontic treatments. The introduction of treatments such as Invisalign® orthodontic aligners as well as fast-tracked straightening treatments such as Fastbraces® provide new, less noticeable or invasive treatments than traditional wire braces. Invisalign® aligners are removable for eating and brushing, while also being almost invisible. Fastbraces® use one wire from start to finish and can complete the process in as little as 100 days. However, it is digital imaging and scanning that help make these treatments possible. The software looks at the images of the teeth and uses those images to determine the configuration for aligners, as well as the best approach to see teeth moved into the ideal position more efficiently.

3D Technology


Digital scanning in modern dentistry can be used to make 3D duplications of teeth, gums, restorations, and prepared teeth. This in turn creates better fitting treatments and more accurate pictures for dentists to plan treatment and produce higher quality restorations. As well, 3D printing technology is used to create same-day crowns, so patients don’t have to wait for their crowns to be produced at a lab off-site.

Better Local Anesthetics


We now have access to improved modern dentistry local anesthetics to make your experience more pleasant. Gum-numbing local anesthetics can be applied to the gums prior to needles while the anesthetic used in the needles doesn’t last too far beyond your treatment. As a result, you don’t have to worry about having that frozen feeling in your mouth for too long.

Comfortable Whitening


Today’s modern dental clinic offers in-house whitening treatments that don’t just see whiter teeth faster, but also help avoid tooth sensitivity often associated with do-it-yourself whitening. Instead of using less effective over-the-counter options, we offer a whitening system combining tooth whitener, a bleaching light, and bleaching materials with a powerful 32% hydrogen peroxide gel. We ensure your comfort in our modern dental clinic with precise application, only targeting the teeth for noticeable results often following just one treatment.

For more information on any of our modern dental technology, call today at 905-775-5307 or click here to request an appointment. We love to see you smile!



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