The Latest Technology In Dental Care: 7 Innovations We Are Using

Generally, in today’s modern world, the technology used in most industries is highly dynamic because it is always changing and evolving. Ideally, even in the dentistry field, there are many technological advancements every year. These technologies are developed with the sole purpose of facilitating dental treatments. In this piece, we have outlined some of the latest technologies currently in use in the dental industry.

1. Cerec Porcelain Milling Robot

Digital dentistry is making huge strides throughout the industry, introducing various new technologies that revolutionize how crowns are made. The Cerec milling robot allows dental professionals the ability to craft crowns with the ultimate precision.

Cerec dental care utilizes a porcelain milling robot to scan a patient’s teeth. This robot uses advanced software to design your crown with cutting edge detail, allowing you to receive the most accurate crown possible. This negates the need for patients to wear temporary crowns for weeks at a time while theirs are being made. CEREC-Milling-Robot-Dental-Technology-Bradford-Dentist

This state-of-the-art technology allows dentists to take 3D scans of your teeth, rather than having to take impressions with a mold. This process is much more enjoyable for the patient as well. It is fast and pain-free, allowing for a more comfortable experience. The milling robot is so precise, many patients cannot tell the crown and the actual tooth apart. Furthermore, it allows patients to have their crown in about an hour, as opposed to weeks with a traditional mold.

The Cerec milling robot is used to provide digital dental impressions that are critical in dental treatments. The use of 3D digital scanning technology has been gaining popularity because of how accurate it is in scanning and generating models of the oral tissues. Furthermore, the Cerec machine is excellent in creating 3D impressions of the tissues in the mouth in full colour. It is also easy to handle, and its scanning is also powder-free. The system design is user-friendly, offering outstanding accuracy, even when it is scanning multiple teeth.

The speed that this 3D technology scans with is incredible. While taking scans of glossy surfaces might take some time, Cerec is faster than other digital scanners as it performs 1-hour crowns. It also offers dentists a scan that is free from powder, meaning they won’t have to scan the affected area several times.

Moreover, this machine’s design is also very ergonomic, as it easily fits into the dentist’s hand, enabling them to scan even the posterior teeth effectively. Additionally, the scans are of outstanding quality because of their clarity, allowing the user to differentiate between the tooth and the gum. Its shade detection also plays a massive role, because it makes it easier for the dentist to identify and analyze each tooth. Cerec is overall an exceptional scanner that is efficient and reliable in offering 1-hour crown procedures in the dental industry.

2. Dental Implants

Dental implants are a fantastic form of technology developed to help restore the smile in people who have lost a tooth, or multiple teeth. The implants are in the form of screws, which are inserted into the spaces where someone has missing teeth. Dental implants are an excellent option, as they most closely resemble a natural tooth, resulting in the best-looking smile possible for the patient.

3. Intraoral CameraIntraoral-Camera-Dental-Technology-Bradford-Family-Dentistry

An intraoral camera is used by dentists to get clear pictures of the hard-to-reach parts of the mouth. This camera provides high definition images that the dentist can use to better diagnose a patient and develop a plan for treatment.

4. Laser Dentistry

Laser technology involves the use of lasers in facilitating many dental procedures. For instance, it helps fill cavities, remove tumours, whiten teeth, and eliminate tooth sensitivity. This procedure is fast, efficient, painless, and reliable, and it also removes bacteria, which helps prevent future complications.

5. Digital RadiographyDigital-Radiography-Latest-Technology-in-Dental-Care-Bradford-Dentist

The benefits of digital imaging are many, for both dentist and patient. Digital images are much more precise than traditional film imaging, allowing your dentist to create a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan specific to your needs. Patients benefit greatly from digital imaging too:  from reduced radiation exposure, to shorter wait times for results, to increased comfort during the x-ray procedure. Not to mention the positive environmental impact that digital imaging provides – with no chemicals or film involved, this is a great way for dental clinics to go green!

6. Cancer Screening Using VELscope Technology

VELscope technology is a non-invasive oral cancer screening process that can actually detect abnormal tissue BEFORE a patient may notice a cancerous or suspicious lesion with the naked eye. It’s a technology has been approved by the World Health Organization as a medical device that addresses global health concerns. Interestingly, it’s not just smokers who are at risk – 2 people die every day in Canada from mouth cancer. The rate of young women getting oral cancer is on the rise, with the prevalence of mouth cancer being higher than ovarian or cervical cancer. Everyone is at risk, and at Bradford Family Dentistry we are happy to offer this screening service to our patients.

7. Sedation DentistrySedation-Dentistry-Dental-Technology-Bradford-Dentist

Through the use of sedation dentistry, it is entirely possible to go to the dentist and not experience pain. If you:  have a fear of needles, have had a bad dental experience in the past, or believe that freezing just doesn’t work for you – you may be a candidate for sedation dentistry. There are many types of sedation available – nitrous, oral conscious, IV conscious – and your dentist can help determine which type of sedation may benefit you.


Indeed, technology is helping dentists offer excellent services to patients, while at the same time dramatically simplifying the various dental procedures that they perform. Moreover, technology is always evolving, continuously improving the quality of treatment that dentists are able to offer their patients.

At Bradford Family Dentistry, we are at the forefront of the dental profession in terms of technological advancements. See the difference for yourself and schedule an appointment today!



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