The short list of cosmetic dentistry

Dentistry today can provide a unique solution to almost every dental problem. There are so many solutions, in fact, that we will only outline a few of the most popular for you now.

Teeth Whitening
Our teeth can become stained and worn over years of eating, drinking and smoking. Popular actors and celebrities were the first to sport teeth that are sometimes “too” white and appear artificial.

Bleaching and whitening teeth has become so common that we are sometimes surprised when someone has teeth that appear yellow and stained. Options to remedy this problem include toothpastes that gradually lighten teeth and bleaching procedures performed only in dental offices.

Composite Bonding
The material used in composite bonding bears a close appearance to the color of tooth enamel. Once the decayed area of the tooth has been removed, the bonding material is placed on the surface of the tooth and shaped to blend in with the remaining tooth structure. The result is a tooth that looks like “new.”

Inlays and Onlays
These are two specialized restorations, both of which are constructed at a dental lab from composite resin. An inlay is placed onto the tooth’s surface if decay has not left enough healthy tooth to support a filling. An onlay is used to cover the entire tooth surface when there is more damage than an inlay can repair.

One of the most affordable and aesthetically pleasing restorations is the dental veneer. They are made in a dental lab and use medical-grade ceramic. They are made to match each person’s teeth and they have a very realistic appearance. They are applied to the front surface of the tooth with a dental adhesive and work beautifully to solve cosmetic problems from cracked and damaged enamel to crooked and gapped teeth.

While these methods are all popular, during your visit we will have to determine if one of them is right for your particular problem or smiles goals.


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