The Smile Stories

We’re beginning a new tradition here at Bradford Family Dentistry: the “Smile Story.” These Smile Stories are narrative videos that follow a patient’s “before and after” journey through a (generally) cosmetic treatment.

Linda’s Smile Story

This particular Smile Story, one of our first, is Linda’s. Linda is a terrific person and a great patient, but she was unhappy with her smile. Linda had a couple of cavities in her front teeth and some discoloration.

She was understandably displeased with what this had done to her smile, and she came to us to fix it up. We did so, and Linda’s smile-displeasure was not only banished, it was replaced by elated pride.

Cosmetic Bonding

How did we accomplish this about-face in Linda’s confidence in her dental display? Well, it’s called “cosmetic bonding,” and it works as follows. First, we clean the teeth, and in Linda’s case, fixed up her cavities.

After that, we coat the teeth in question with a (bright white) space-age, ultra-durable tooth-colored material. That material is initially malleable, so it ery thoroughly binds to the teeth. Once we’ve applied the material, we then “cure” it using a visible blue polymerization light. It’s an effective and pain-free procedure.

Don’t take my word for it, though! Check out Linda’s Smile Story below for a testimonial from a real patient. And stay tuned, because this will definitely not be the last Smile Story. We’ll bring you more as opportunities arise—with the number of satisfied patients we have, that shouldn’t take too long.

Watch Linda’s Smile Story here.

~Dr. Chai (a.k.a. Dr. Tooth!)

Dr. Tooth


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