Time Out for Fun Dental Trivia!

We are serious about providing you with the best dental care possible, but let’s take a short “time-out” to review some things you didn’t know about teeth (but always wanted to):

-Teeth are made out of calcium, mineral salts, and phosphorus.

-When you burn your mouth on hot, steamy cheese pizza, you have now experienced “pizza palette.”

-Oops! Although dentists recommend brushing for 2-3 minutes, most folks stop after 70 seconds.

-Who knew? We tend to chew our food on the side of our dominant hand. So, if you write with your right hand, chances are you’ll chew on the right side of your mouth, and the same for lefties.

-The chance of developing decay increases with the amount of time food remains in your mouth.

-Eating sugary foods alone increases the chance of decay, so enjoy those tasty treats with your meal instead of at your mid-day snack break.

-Feel like a swim? We produce enough saliva during our lives to fill a couple of swimming pools!

-Be glad you didn’t live during the Middle Ages – boiling dogs’ teeth in wine to use as a mouth rinse was thought to prevent tooth decay in humans.

-Tooth prints are as unique as you are, just like your fingerprints!

-Replacing your knocked-out tooth into the gum or placing it in milk may save it. But act quickly, because after 15 minutes the chance for success decreases rapidly.

-Smoking increases the risk of developing gum disease.

-Taste buds register five “tastes” – bitter, sour, salty, sweet, and umami, which was added after its discovery in 1908 by a Japanese researcher.

-90% of systemic diseases produce symptoms detectable in the mouth.


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